How does Testolone work, and what is it used for?

Testolone or RAD-140 is from the SARMs family. Its major role is to offer strength and muscle mass. SARMs have already gained great popularity in the field of fitness. These days, most fitness enthusiasts and athletes prefer using SARMs to get better exercise results or boost their performance. Using SARMs generates a flawless lean appearance. Most people are not aware of the major difference between SARMs and steroids.

While SARMs mimic the positive effects of steroids, they don’t copy their side effects. Some of the benefits of SARMs are:

  • Burning the calories in your body
  • Enhancing the anabolic power of the cells increases endurance, performance, and strength.
  • Reducing fat mass, not muscle mass.
  • Increasing mental focus
  • Enhancing muscle mass
  • Boosting the recovery of workouts.

Though SARMs copy anabolic steroids, there’s something that separates them. SARMs are chemicals that are the same in action and effects as steroids. But they work selectively on tissues. Their selective effect wipes out the negative results of steroids.


RAD-140 or testolone is a SARM with a selective role that yields positive results from steroids. It follows a unique pattern and renders high anabolic actions without revealing any androgenic traits.

So, it increases the overall ability of cells to synthesize proteins and offers better bulking opportunities. It also helps the tissue recover quicker after an intense training session with fewer bone and muscle injuries. It helps bodybuilders to intensely train for longer hours and enjoy massive physical gains.

RAD-140 is also known for its fat-burning abilities. It burns body fat and helps shred the stored bulge quickly, bringing better muscle gains into action.

While most steroids suppress testosterone production, RAD-140 works selectively on muscles, bones, and tissues without bringing in the side effects to any body parts.

RAD-140 helps build dense and hard muscles by boosting the blood supply to every muscular part and enhancing strength.

Use of RAD-140

Quick muscle gains: RAD-140 is the most potent substance in the fitness world. It makes muscle gains easier by melting the fat and helping gain muscle mass without adding extra weight. You will see a ripped and chiseled body sometime with its regular use. It can offer 5-6 kg muscle mass within 8-10 weeks of usage.

Better strength: Because of its high anabolic content, Testolone offers better strength gains. It boosts RBC production and thus offers a better supply of blood to muscle tissue. It further stimulates your energy, lowering the strength and endurance to stay active.

Immediate fat loss: As it accelerates metabolism, it helps lose body fat quickly.

Better pump and vascularity: RAD-140 helps the body to enhance vascularity. It allows the muscles to retain water and look bulkier and harder.

Quicker regeneration: RAD-140 also helps with quick recovery after workout sessions. This helps bodybuilders train longer and harder to increase their muscle gains quickly.


Though Testolone Canada is not a steroid, its benefits are amazing. Athletes and bodybuilders widely adopt it to get the best results with their fitness practices and body.

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