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How Laser cutting technology helps the manufacturers for stainless steel cutting

The laser is comparatively a new technology. Now the automobile companies are mainly using this tech to a professional level. There is much application for this laser technology. Some use small laser metal cutting machine to cut some little things with precise. The laser is also used for marking in the metal surface. But one of the everyday use cases of laser is cutting. Stainless steel is one of the strong metal, and it is not easy to cut this metal with typical machines. That’s why most of the manufacturing companies use laser cutting technology to cut the stainless steel as they need. Laser metal cutting machine can cut any metal with more accurately and faster than a regular machine. That’s why big companies prefer to use laser cutting technology to cut stainless steel.

How does the laser cutting machine work?

A laser cutting process is more complicated than the standard cutting process. If you want to grab a laser cutting machine, there is a metal laser cutter for sale going on.  A laser cutting machine fires a beam of photos onto the precise location. Photon can go through most of the thick metal. After projecting a beam of photon onto the stainless steel surface, the photons pass through the surface, and that’s why the stainless steel is cut.

What types of laser are there available?

Different types of material require different types of process to cut. Some of the popular processes are:

CO2 laser

The CO2 laser uses carbon dioxide as a gas medium for making the light and project on to the surface. This type of laser can cut through thick metal easily, andthis high power beam allows the user to cut through almost any kind of strong material. This discharge laser contains carbon dioxide mixed with nitrogen and hydrogen. These CO2 lasers are mainly used for industrial cutting like stainless steel.

The Nd (neodymium) laser

The nd lasers use a solid crystal to focus on the beam point to cut through the metal. Pumping lamps or diodes can enhance this continuous infrared beam.

Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is the solid-state laser, unlike any gas or liquid. Fiber laser is ideal for cutting through shining and reflective materials because of their small spot.

The benefit of laser cutting

Laser cutting is very advanced and different from other cutting methods. Some of the key benefits of using laser cutting instead of other cutting method are:

  • Minimum damage tothe product
  • Low amount of power consumption
  • Maximum precision
  • Can cut through thick and variety of materials
  • The cutting process is non- contact
  • Safer than most of the cutting process

Why is laser cutting perfect for stainless steel cutting?

Steel materials like stainless steel is a thick and reflective metal. Traditional cutting method cant provides precise and perfect cutting. Most of the stainless steel product is used in the home or for the furniture. Any damage can make the whole furnishings look rubbish. So for precise cutting of stainless steel laser cutting is the best option. Laser cutting is also cost-efficient and more of total work efficient. Laser cutting has about no chance of extra damage or cutting misplace. The manufacturer programs all the cutting places in the computer, so there is no chance of mistake.

Laser cutting has bought a revolutionary change in the cutting industry, but before it takes a lot of effort and work to cut any thick and robust materials. But now the laser cutting technology has made the whole cutting process more precise, more comfortable and faster than before. We may see more use of this technology in the upcoming future.

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