How Much CBD Should You Take? A Quick Guide

10% of people between the ages of 18-44 use some type of CBD product. But, before you begin using CBD, one thing you should ask yourself is, ‘how much CBD should you take?’

We’d love to give you a simple answer to this question, but there are several factors to consider before you begin to take CBD regularly. Below you’ll find some details about these factors and move one step closer to finding the proper dosage when taking CBD for pain.

Personal Factors

The first set of factors that will determine how much of your CBD products to take is a set of personal ones. For instance, your age and your health condition will determine how much you take.

Your weight is also a factor in deciding how much CBD oil you’ll need to treat your ailments. For example, a male might need to take a higher CBD dosage, while someone older in age won’t need quite as much.

In addition to your own personal factors, you need to consider the CBD products you have. Depending on whether it’s a gummy or oil will determine how much you should take.

Some products take longer to take effect, while others provide a more immediate release. If you’re purchasing CBD for athletes, you’d want something that you can take in low doses while at the same time receiving the benefits of CBD.

Consult a Calculator

If you’re still uncertain about how much CBD to take, we recommend consulting a dosage calculator online. Most websites will provide you with details about how many milligrams of CBD are in each product you’ve purchased.

When using the CBD dosage calculator, you’ll enter information like:

  • Amount of milligrams in the bottle
  • Your desired dosage
  • Number of drops per milliliterer

You’ll need to enter a few more fields, but once you’re done providing all the information, the calculator will display how much you need to take to achieve the desired effect. If you choose not to go this route, you can always start with a low dosage and adjust accordingly until you find the amount that works for you.

Think About Your Needs

Another key way to decide how much CBD you need to take is to assess what you’re taking it for. Do you need help controlling your anxiety, or are you in need of pain relief?

Understanding why you started taking CBD in the first place will help you move forward with determining the dosage amount you need.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

How much CBD should you take is a tricky question to answer because several outside factors can increase or decrease your CBD dosage. Think about things like your weight and age, as well as why you started taking CBD in the first place.

Do you need more information on this topic or others such as travel and lifestyle? Scroll on now.

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