How much does it cost to repair a bumper?

Due to the poor-quality and untimely road repairs in Pune, the total number of accidents has risen significantly. Fortunately, most of the time, they are without casualties, but vehicles suffer very seriously. First of all, bumpers and their elements are damaged.

The bumper is a car body part that can easily deform even with negligible mechanical stress. This important component is subject to increased stresses in the frontal, side, or rear collisions. However, it would be best not to start immediately looking for a new bumper, because you can easily restore it in a car service at home in Pune.

Causes of breakage on the bumper:

A car’s bumper can get damaged due to multiple reasons, it is just right to mention the following points:

  • accident involving two or more cars;
  • hitting a pit or an unsuccessful object while driving;
  • hooligan acts;
  • inept movement that provoked a collision with a tree, fence, post;
  • unsuccessful parking.

According to the damage, it is just right to characterize the severity:

  • complete or partial destruction of the part without the possibility of further repair;
  • loss of part of the bumper;
  • solid or slight dent on the element;
  • chip/crack of the coating;
  • scratch to the base of the ground;
  • damage and abrasion of the paint layer.

Bumper repair process

The method to restore plastic bumpers differs in each individual case. To restore and modernize the component, getting rid of all scuffs and minor scratches, you will have to perform many actions:

  • filling damaged area using putty;
  • primer;
  • further painting and full polishing of the element.

If there is a dent on the plastic bumper, its damaged area must be heated using a blow dryer, and then the dent must be straightened out, bringing it to its original form. After the bumper has cooled down, it is necessary to perform grinding and painting.

A special adhesive mixture is used for repairing the cracks on the bumper. It recreates a stable fastening and firmly fixes the necessary areas to each other. Gluing must be carried out from the inside, therefore, it will not spoil the appearance.

How much does it cost to repair a bumper

The nature of the damage and the bumper condition affects the price of a repair. During the inspection of the bumper, the mechanic evaluates the repair work. If a repair is not possible, the mechanic will replace the part with a new one. Also, the cost differs from city to city so it is best to use online car service in Pune.

Types of repair at car service:

Based on the type of plastic and damage to the bumper, the mechanic prescribes one of the following repair methods:

  1. Heat. Using this method, you can easily remove dents on the thermoplastic bumper.
  2. Gluing. This is the only viable way to repair thermoset plastics that cannot be welded.
  3. Lamination. Thanks to this method, you can restore or replace the lost bumper element.
  4. Recreation of the appearance. This method is really useful for eliminating scratches/chips and other damage to the bumper paintwork. This stage is the final one for more essential types of repairs.Visit here : Pii Email

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