How much should a custom engagement ring cost?

It is often difficult to find a ring in the market that perfectly meets your expectations. Therefore, some jewelers give their customers the option to get a custom-made ring from them. Customers are mostly concerned about the cost of the ring they are getting customized. Getting custom engagement rings made from any jeweler can cost you between $500 to even $15000.

Many factors determine the cost of the ring you are getting customized. These factors include the design of your ring; for example, the more complex a design, the more it is going to cost. Another factor is the size of the stone and the quantity of metal used. The bigger the stone, the more it is going to cost. Moreover, it also depends upon the type of metal and the quality of the diamond you are using. Here are a few more factors that affect the cost of your ring:

Type of design

Getting customized bespoke engagement rings made is both tiresome and a complicated process. The jeweler will ask you to pay an initial fee before communicating your design requirements. The jeweler would then draw a few sketches, or some would even make a 3D model of the ring before actually crafting it. These sketches and models would then be presented to the customer for final approval, after which the price for the finished ring would be charged.

Cost of labor

Once you have communicated and approved the design for your ring, the design is then passed onto the craftsmen, who will bring the design to reality. The craftsmen carve out the design onto the metal you choose for your bespoke engagement rings, and then they fit the stones you have chosen to be placed onto your ring. The craftsmen charge their fee in accordance with the type of design you have chosen, which includes the complexity of the pattern and the number of stones you have chosen for your ring.

Type of base metal

Once you go for a customized engagement ring, you choose everything from design to the type of stones to even the type of metal you want to be used for your ring. Moreover, it also depends upon the quantity of metal being used. The bigger the ring is, the more it is going to cost. You can use a variety of metals such as silver, gold, or platinum. The rare the metal, the more your ring would cost.

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