How Professional Horse Racing Tips Can Help You Win

The 3rd most popular sport that people bet on in the US, horse racing is quite a complex sport. Horse racing occurs in real life and real time, which makes it pretty complex because there are several variables at play.

The thrill of horse racing lies in the betting and anyone watching it places a bet; however, only a few people win. So, if you’re serious about wanting to win at horse racing, many strategies can help to win money and make profits.

Don’t Bet Only on the Favorites

Horse racing is quite an unpredictable sport and the most favorite horse usually wins only around 30% of the time and if you have put all the eggs in one basket and bet only on the favorite, then you’re most likely to end up spending from your pocket, to avoid that you can always check for the best horse racing tips. Bet of the horse that offers the most value and you can do this by doing your homework and understanding your selections.

Understand the Horse’s Previous Form

Understanding the form or the previous races that the horse ran in and also in the barrier trials, which are essentially used for warm-ups and can be an important factor to consider before deciding which horse you should bet on. Also, check on other factors such as if the horse comes from a good stable and if it has a good bloodline.

When looking at the horse’s form, it is not only the wins that are important but also consider the good finishes in the various races. Creating a detailed and reliable form guide can be the key to making money. Finally, when considering the horse’s form, check the class of the race, location and purses on offer.

Understand the Surfaces

Weather conditions and the type of surface affect the horses’ performance and different horses perform better on different types of surfaces. Firm or dry courses suit horses that are daintier while the hard runners run better on softer and more accommodating grounds because they get more power to sprint by gripping the ground. Heavier horses may find wetter and softer ground difficult to run on because running on this type of surface consumes a lot more energy.

Before placing your bets, check the “going” of the track, which you can do by simply doing a Google search of the name of the ground. It is important to understand the form of the horse on the surface and choose the horse that has been successful on similar grounds in the past.

Also, check out the track formation such as sharp inclines, sharp bends, etc., and determine how each factor will affect each of the potential horses before placing your bet. Finally, you need to decide whether you’re going to bet on jump races or flat races and learn the intricate details of each type.

Know the Trainers

Knowing the trainer who reared the particular horse is as important as knowing the hose before placing your bets. Trainers are usually familiar with the stables and are an excellent source of information. Typically, trainers achieve varying records on different tracks.

The trainers who are good at preparing horses for specific courses and have won at a particular track are likely to understand how they can win again. Look for trainers, as well as stables that are performing very well before placing your bet.

Know the Jockey

You can also get plenty of betting insight from the jockey who can be an excellent information source too. They may have ridden the horse previously or may give you information, apart from public opinion, about the chances of a horse winning in a race.

If the jockey has ridden the horse previously, then they may have the knowledge and experience to use to their advantage. If a particular stable has many horses in the race but one star jockey riding all the horses, then there are higher chances of winning. Making your selection based on the trainer-jockey combination is also a good strategy.

Understand the Signs of a Confident Horse

You can only do this if you’re at a live race. A confident and calm horse with a glossy coat is likely to perform better than a jittery and anxious one.

Horse racing is a game of numbers and if you’re able to work out the chances of a horse’s chances of winning, have the luck and the skill, then you can make money and have a profitable horse race betting career.

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