How Should You Choose An Authentic RO UV Water Filter?

The water purifier is one of the most useful household tools in the 21st century. Due to excessive pollution, it is hard to get purified drinking water in urban or rural areas. The water pollution rate is higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Factory residuals and harmful gases are the main reasons for water pollution. Polluted drinking water can create many health hazards such as kidney problems, digestive problems, and cancer. Thus it is essential to purify the drinking water before consumption. RO and UV water purifiers are two types of water purification technology that can purify drinking water perfectly. You can get an RO UV water purifier in a single water filter.

What is the UV Water Purifier?

UV water purifiers use UV or ultraviolet rays to kill the harmful bacteria in the drinking water. The UV water purifier can kill the harmful microbes in the drinking water without affecting the taste of the water. Thus it can disinfect the drinking water from all types of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Working Process of UV Water Filter

UV or ultraviolet rays come from the sun. The wavelength of the UV ray is higher than visible lights. UV photons have higher energy, and it can cause ionisation in atoms. There is a chamber of the ultraviolet bulb in the UV water filter, and it produces a frequency of UV rays to kill the microbes. PTE Study Mock Test & PTE Practice Test, not only provides you a real simulation of the PTE Exam but also gives you feedback for each task type.

UV water filtration is present in many water treatment processes to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. These UV rays stay in the cell walls and damage the contaminants and their DNA. For this unique reason, contaminants cannot reproduce further.

Benefits of UV Water Purifier

The UV Waterdrop RO water filter system purifier has massive advantages for water purification system, such as follows-

  1. The UV water purifier can eliminate up to 99% of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. A RO UV water purifier can kill harmful chemicals also.
  2. UV water purifiers do not use any harmful chemicals that can create a negative impact on your health.
  3. The installation and replacement process of the UV water purifier is simple
  4. UV water purifiers don’t waste any water during the purification system; thus, it is an eco-friendly method for water purification.

Drawbacks of UV Water Purifier

Though UV water purifier has many benefits, it has few drawbacks such as follows-

  1. RO water purifiers can perform this task. The UV water purifier can kill microbes, but it doesn’t eliminate harmful impurities such as salts, chlorine, and metals. Thus it is better to use an RO UV water purifier for the best water purification process.
  2. UV water purification systems can kill harmful microbes of freshwater. UV rays cannot reach the microorganism due to any obstacles.
  3. A UV water purifier requires electricity for working. It doesn’t work when the power goes out.

Interesting Facts about RO Water Purifier

RO or reverse osmosis is a unique water purifier technology that forces the water system through the permeable membrane. This membrane can eliminate the impurities from drinking water. This membrane removes the chemical contaminants from the drinking water as per their size and shape. It means larger particles cannot pass through the filter.

This membrane blocks harmful contaminants and chemicals such as ions, bacteria, pesticides, microorganisms, and viruses. Thus RO UV water purifier is the best option for industrial and household usage. People use RO water purifiers for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. RO water purification can provide fresh drinking water.

Process of Buying a Water Purifier

When you decide to buy a water purifier for your household purpose, you should determine the following factors, such as follows-

  1. Suppose municipal water is the source of your house’s drinking water. In that case, you can choose RO water purifier because RO water purifier can reduce the salty taste of the water and increase the sweetness. Thus RO purified water is good for cooking.
  2. Suppose tap water is the source of the drinking water. In that case, you can use an RO UV water purifier because groundwater contains harmful chemicals that need to be purified by UV technology. The RO technology can remove toxic chemicals from it.
  3. The chemical contaminants rates are different for tap water and municipal water. You have to know the percentage of the chemicals contaminants before buying the water purification system. RO and UV are both different technologies and valuable for eliminating certain chemical compounds.
  4. Budget is another factor for the buyers. If you want to buy a budget-friendly water purifier, you can buy a UV water filter. But if you want to spend considerable money, you can buy an RO water purifier.

From the above information, one can understand the usefulness of choosing the right water filter technology to protect health from serious water-borne diseases. The authentic water purification system is effective for getting fresh drinking water.

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