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How to Boost Your eCommerce SEO with User-Generated Content?

Every day, millions of users produce invaluable contents which are unique and trustworthy for your eCommerce. If the contents are used right, it can gain you more traffic and increase sales. Commonly known as User-generated content (UGC) is created by a brand’s user. It can be anything like images, videos, blog posts, and many more. The user-generated content works rapidly because it offers you social proof of your content. These contents can also be used to boost your eCommerce SEO. Let us see the ways of doing so.

Content curation

Content curation is gathering information from a particular field by collecting, organizing, reworking, and republishing content created by others. It can be carried out either manually or automatically.  Specially allotted curators do the content curation manually. The automatic process involves collaborative filtering, semantic analysis, and social rating. Content curation is not limited to repackaging content created by other creators. You can also curate your audiences’ content and get good SEO results. As it puts the users in the limelight, it works so well for attracting links.

ECommerce Brand Awareness using UGC

Potential buyers often find their required product through blog posts, search engine results, or social network advertisements. Maximum brand discovery is made via search social networks, search engines, the brand’s online community, and customer review sites. People tend to visit the top-rank sites in the search result. So, brands constantly try to outrank each other and get the top position. Marketers use contents that are optimized for long-tail key phrases to get higher ranks. You can easily avail yourself of the best eCommerce SEO services to do these tasks.

Consolidation of your UGC

It is known that pages with more words rank better, but this fact is not always true. A page with a higher word count may not be the most useful page for a user. Pages that are associated with multiple queries of users give more data to Google to work with than pages having a few queries. Long content has more in-depth and complete info that results in a wider range of queries. Google ranks the page for a huge amount of keywords until it becomes the hub for the topic.

Indulgence of UGC to drive engagement

When marketers get a prospect, their main aim is to engage them. They create content that is suitable for that purpose. The prospects help to develop content by gathering unique data and insights for you and engaging the audience. Apart from the engagement, the UGC-driven reports also raise brand awareness. They get re-shared via social networks and thus come to people who don’t know about it. The contents present the opinions of audiences and make them more accurate. They enjoy great search volume from targeted traffic.

Allowance of user reviews

If you are running an eCommerce, you should allow user reviews into your product pages or on your site. User reviews increase the word count on your pages and give the search engines more info to work on. The user reviews also align perfectly with Google’s quality rater guidelines. This checks how well the purpose of the page aligns fits accurately with the purpose of the searcher’s queries. The user reviews also help users to evaluate the quality of the product in a trustworthy manner. You can visit this site to know about Ecommerce SEO London

Boosting sales with the help of UGC

User-generated content is a great way to boost sales. The best way is UGC campaigns. But sometimes, the UGC can make things ugly as it cannot be controlled. When a UGC campaign goes live, there is very little that you can do to reverse the action. That means you have to be careful when you are designing such content for marketing campaigns. Follow the testimonials, reviews, and success stories to have the potential to go viral.


The above-mentioned points will tell you the ways and methods for boosting SEO of eCommerce. These six ways will help and guide you to develop your business and scatter your brand’s fame in the market. If you go through the content, you will understand the basic need to expand the eCommerce business.

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