How to choose a web studio for website development?

Let’s figure out how to choose an offshore web development company and what criteria can be used to judge its professionalism.

There are no ideal recommendations for choosing a web studio. However, there are several important criteria to help you make the right decision.

Work experience

The practice of working in the digital services market shows that the experience and time of the studio’s existence are extremely important indicators in the matter of choosing a developer. The presence of several years of work behind the shoulders speaks of the coherence of the team and the orderliness of internal processes.

It’s worth noting that studio age is not always a key metric. For example, our studio has existed since 2016 – quite a bit by Russian standards. However, the experience of specialists in our team reaches up to 10 years, which allows us to cope with many tasks faster and more confidently.

Expertise availability

Explore all the information available about the work of the studio. Ask a potential performer a few questions and evaluate how accurately and clearly he will explain everything that is required to you. If the web studio has a blog, read a few articles – this will help not only to make sure of the professionalism of the development team, but also to find answers to many questions that interest you.

For example, on our website we regularly publish useful materials, which we can always refer to in the process of communicating with the customer. Conversely, as soon as we notice something important and interesting among the customer’s questions, we immediately publish an article on this topic. The more potential questions are closed, the easier it will be to build communication.

Portfolio projects

One or more projects similar to yours in the steroide oraux studio’s portfolio is a great reason to make a choice in its favor. Or at least take a closer look at the competencies of the company and explore the prospects for cooperation. For example, if you run a law office, it will be easier for you to interact with a studio that has projects in the field of consulting and legal services.

Learn more about the project

But do not forget that not all studio projects can be published on the site. Many sites are developed secretly or without the possibility of mentioning the developer. In this case, personal communication with team members will help you make sure of her professionalism and experience.

Features of a good web studio

The internal processes of all studios are different. However, in our opinion, there are several features inherent in truly professional teams.

Reasonable cost

What do most young studios do when evaluating a project’s cost? The manager (if there is one) looks at how “cool” the company sent the request, and based on this information comes up with the cost of website development.

A clear rationale for the cost of website development is a distinctive feature of good web studios. Someone makes an estimate based on ready-made modules, someone considers unique layouts.

The cost of projects in our studio is based on the hourly rate. For example, it takes 5 hours of a designer, 10 hours of a developer, and 1 hour of a manager to develop a home page. Knowing the rates of each of these specialists, you can prepare a final estimate. You can read more about the valuation process in our studio here.

Clear business processes

All business processes have a common structure: input data, certain manipulations, output result. If you do not fully understand how to choose a web studio, ask all candidates to describe in detail the entire process of creating a website. At each step of the project, you must have a clear understanding of what is required at the current stage, what actions will take place, and what the final result will be.

For example, in our web studio, everything starts with a technical assignment. At the entrance, we receive a short description from the customer and the structure of the pages. The output is a detailed document that can be passed on to the next stage – design. And this happens until the end of the project: input resources, work on them, the final result.

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