How to choose the right one to move.

When it comes to planning a move, packing supplies are always on the agenda. From packing tape and bubble wrap to paper and moving boxes, you have the work cut out for you. Unless you are planning to delegate the entire packing process to a moving company, you need to find the supplies in advance.

Choosing the right moving boxes can simplify the move tremendously. If you have sufficient supplies and do the majority of packing early, the day of the move can go smoothly and without additional stress.

Let’s take a quick look at how to choose the best moving boxes for your things.

1. Measure Your Kitchen Appliances

To find the right size boxes for the items in your kitchen, you need to take several measurements. Pay close attention to your kitchen appliances. They are usually delicate and have numerous protruding details. You would need to find the right box to keep these items safe during the move.Déménagement rive-sud

Don’t be hesitant about using large boxes for kitchen appliances. If you have plenty of space left inside the box, you can use it to transport smaller items. In fact, the more full your box is, the fewer chances the contents have of being damaged during the move.

Consider putting soft items in the boxes together with appliances so they provide a cushion. It could be linens, pillowcases, or clothing.

2. Don’t Overpay

While you may need to buy the majority of your packing supplies, especially such specific items as wardrobe boxes, you can save money by getting some supplies for free. Here are a few places where you may get high-quality moving boxes for free or for a fraction of what you would pay in a specialty store.

Liquor stores – these stores get frequent shipments. Since boxes are designed for heavy and delicate bottles, they can be an excellent choice for your moving purposes.

It’s a service that allows people to exchange their moving supplies. You can either buy or get free boxes and save the planet in the process.Déménagement rive-nord

Bookstores – these stores work with plenty of boxes designed to carry large and heavy items. Call your neighborhood stores to find out which one is expecting a shipment in the nearest future.

You can also ask your friends or neighbors for boxes. Some people keep boxes after moving with the plan to throw them out later. Give them an opportunity to get rid of these boxes on the spot.

3. Think about Your Clothes

Removing clothes from hangers and folding them is extremely time-consuming. Meanwhile, during the move, they are likely to get wrinkled. When you arrive at your new home, you’d need to hang them back and probably do some ironing.

According to expert Toronto movers, Torex Moving, you can transport your clothes on hangers.Large wardrobe boxes are great for moving your clothing. They can save you plenty of unpacking time.

4. Inspect Your Boxes

If you decide to take advantage of used boxes, make sure to inspect them properly. All boxes must be in good condition without significant wrinkles or holes in them. Even a seemingly small problem with the box can turn into a serious issue during the move.

Try not to take boxes from grocery stores. They often come into contact with foods and liquids. Once they dry out, you may not see the damage. However, such boxes rip easily.

5. Use Other Supplies

Besides boxes, you would need packing tape, markers, labels, and bubble wrap. Buy all these supplies in advance, so you can start packing ASAP.

Don’t wait until a month or a week before the moving date to start packing. You can do it one step at a time and take the stress out of the moving preparations.

The Takeaway

When planning your packing process, make sure to get high-quality moving boxes. It’s possible to get them for free or for a reasonable price. Check the boxes for quality and size before buying or taking them. Don’t forget the rest of the supplies to make packing easier.

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