How To Clean Grey Wooden Floors

Cleaning floors is the worst chore that most people have to do. It never seems like it gets done, and no matter how much time you put into cleaning your flooring, there are always spots that just won’t come up. If you’re tired of spending hours scrubbing at your grey wood flooring but can’t afford new ones yet, this article will teach you some ways to make them look their best again.

1. Sweep and Vacuum floors

If there is too much dirt or grime buildup on the flooring, then use either a sweeping compound with an attached brush fitted at one end of the mop pole (this way when finished mopping – attach another head) OR attach a dry cloth towel onto each end of an old broom handle; dampen both towels with water mixed with dish soap/detergent; wring out excess water and start sweeping in an outward direction (towards the edges of your flooring).

Once done, go over all sections again using a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments to pick up any remaining dirt particles.

2. Mop the floors

Dip the mop into a clean bucket of warm water, squeezing out excess water until it’s damp but not dripping wet. Straighten your mop so that it fits in the bucket and is balanced. Start mopping by pushing the mop in a back-and-forth motion across your floor, being sure to overlap each stroke. Continue until you have covered the entire surface of your floor with water.

Once finished, wring out excess moisture from the towel and repeat this step if necessary (if no dirt comes up on the second pass). Dip new clean towels into fresh warm water when they become dirty or go dry; replace old towels as needed with dry ones.

3. Revitalize Your Floors

A common mistake among homeowners is using the wrong products on their floors. It’s important to choose a product that will work for your type of flooring and desired look instead of just grabbing whatever brand you see off the shelf at your local hardware store. When choosing a floor cleaning solution, it’s important to know the type of floors you have.

The wrong product can damage your beautiful wooden floors and create more work for yourself to clean up the mess. So please do take caution when selecting a product and always read labels carefully since they provide information about what type of flooring is safe and how much water should be used during application.

4. Maintain the grey wooden floor

As you can see, these floors are quite beautiful, and they have a lot of uses. However, it is important to maintain them well so that they do not lose their appearance. This includes the proper cleaning procedures; otherwise, your lovely floor will quickly be destroyed by dirt build-up or scratches.

The Bottom Line

No matter what colour your wood floors are, you need to clean and maintain them regularly. This is not only important for aesthetics; it will help the floor last longer as well.

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