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How to clean patio furniture covers

How to clean patio furniture covers patio furniture cover.

The grime and dirt that constantly builds up on your outdoor piece of furniture is not only unsightly but also dangerous for the people and animals that use them. Having a set of outdoor chairs or a table on your deck is like having an extra room in your home! It’s a place where you can relax with family and friends during those fun summer barbeques eat meals outside on nice days, even eat a midnight snack on the patio when you lock yourself out of the house!

How to clean patio furniture covers patio furniture cover.

So why would you want to cover your patio furniture with patio furniture covers, patio table covers and patio chair covers? With a little bit of elbow grease, some outdoor safe cleaners and a few steps, you can make your patio set look like new again in no time! The same thing goes for deck chairs, deck benches or chaise lounge chairs if that is what you have on your patio. Patio umbrellas are also another item which needs protection from rain and dirt so is sure to check out our article on How to Clean an Outdoor Umbrella too

Before we get into the details of how to clean patio furniture and other outdoor pieces that need some attention, let’s go over a few things you may want to take into consideration before starting this dirty job.

 Some of these tips will make your life easier and keep you from making mistakes as you set out on the task ahead!

  1. If you want to be extra careful and protect your patio set from dirt, dust mites and other elements that can cause damage over time, place patio furniture covers on top of the patio furniture before folding them up for storage during bad weather.
  2. Be gentle with patio table covers and patio bench seat covers when taking them on and off the patio furniture. They are more delicate than regular patio chair covers so put a little bit of care into it when you handle them!
  3. Don’t forget to have a good supply of outdoor safe cleaners handy in case you find any stains or spills in between cleanings! You will need a few cleaning rags or towels too which is why microfiber cloths work great for patio furniture patio table covers and patio chair covers.

Sealed or Painted Wood Furniture

For sealed or painted wood patio furniture, you may want to consider using garden hose pressure washers if it’s time to change the patio furniture cover on your deck chairs, deck benches or patio dining set! That way you can make sure all the old dirt is removed before allowing new patio set cover material to touch your precious patio furniture! You should also use a low strength cleaning solution for this process too.

How to clean patio furniture covers patio furniture cover.

Cleaning Vinyl Patio Furniture Covers

If you have pieces of outdoor deck decor that are made with plastic, vinyl, aluminum, resin wicker or iron patio table bases or patio bench seat bases, you will need to use a patio furniture cleaner that is safe for these types of patio furniture covers.

What kind of patio furniture cleaners does what?

  • patio furniture cleaners = removes dirt and grime from patio chair cover material
  • outdoor patio fabric cleaner = removes stains from patio table cloths and patio umbrella materials
  • All purpose patio cleaning solution works on plastic, vinyl or resin wicker too!

How to clean patio furniture covers as well as how to clean outdoor patio table cloths and outdoor umbrellas can be found in our next article below. Patio Set Cleaning Tips & Tricks How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Using Garden Hose Pressure Washers On Sealed or Painted Wood Furniture How To Clean An Outdoor Umbrella Using Outdoor Furniture Cleaners Before & After Photos Of Patio Sets That Have Been Covered Protect patio furniture covers from rain and patio umbrella fabrics from damaging water!


Patio furniture covers patio table umbrellas & patio chair covers are essential patio decor items to keep clean if you want them to last for a long time. The good news is that it’s not hard to take patio furniture cushions off patio chairs or patio benches and patio umbrella canopies off patio tables! Just be sure to read the care label on your patio set first before attempting any DIY outdoor cleaning process! Thanks for checking out our blog on How to Clean Patio Furniture Covers with Outdoor Furniture Cleaners!

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