How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

CBD has been growing in popularity since before it was even legalized. Although not everywhere allows CBD due to separate state laws, it is becoming more and more widespread. Even the famous Harrods of London sells CBD products in some form.

Indeed, producers of CBD have been looking for new and innovative ways to incorporate the oil, and are getting ever more imaginative. Gummies are still highly popular, but there are all manner of ways to ingest or use CBD now from tea bags to beer.

If you’re looking for new ways to use CBD in your favorite activities, then you may be interested in the article below. Here you can learn how to make a bath bomb infused with CBD, and understand what benefits that might bring.

What are bath bombs?

Just in case you are unclear on what a bath bomb is, here is a brief introduction. Around 33 years ago, one of the co-founders of a British cosmetics firm, Lush, decided to create something new for the bathroom.

Mo Constantine liked the effect of Alka-Seltzer tablets as they hit the water. She wondered if something similar could be created to introduce different scents, oils, moisturizers, and other ingredients into the bath in a unique way.

The bath bomb was then invented and went on to be highly popular across the country as Lush grew.

What benefits do bath bombs bring?

What a bath bomb does is introduce certain elements to a bathtime. How they benefit the user depends on what those elements are.

Some bath bombs were designed to energize, and others to help soothe and relax. There are also bath bombs that aid with sleep. One of the tips and tricks to sleep like a baby is to take a bath before bedtime, so anything that can enhance that experience could be welcome.

If you think along the lines of bubble baths with their different purposes then you will get the idea surrounding bath bombs. The difference is, that they don’t create bubbles, but they are likely to use essential oils as some bubble baths do.

How can you incorporate CBD into bath bombs?

Your first question is probably why you’d want to use CBD in a bath bomb, and the second will be what type of oil to use.

The reason for using CBD oil in a bath bomb could be the same as their original use. CBD can help with relaxation and the reduction of stress levels. Therefore, it makes sense on some level to include this with a soothing bath.

As for what type of oil to use, some understanding of the differences may be needed. Medical News Today lists the difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum.

The truth is, bath bombs can be made with full-spectrum or isolate. It may be down to your personal choice of which kind you wish to use. Similarly, this goes for the other ingredients too. Some bath bomb recipes are quite simple and use items such as olive oil and epsom salts. Others though include up to twenty different essential oils in one bath bomb.

The recipe below is just one example of how to make a bath bomb with CBD, and you can have fun trying out your own different versions.

How do you produce a CBD bath bomb?

Back in the day, only Lush was able to make bath bombs, at least in the UK, now though there are vendors all over selling different versions. There are also many CBD bath bombs on the market if you wish to try something ready-made.

However, if you like being a little creative with your CBD, you can try this recipe here.

You will need to have a couple of mixing bowls to hand, and a mold for the bath bomb. It is worth noting that bath bombs do not have to be spherical. You can choose any shape you like.

Common ingredients needed for a bath bomb:

Water 1 tbsp

Coconut oil 2 tbsp (can be replaced for another oil of choice)

CBD oil 0.3gm (isolate but can be switched for broad-spectrum)

Sea salt 1/2 cup

Citric acid 1/2 cup

Cornstarch 1/2 cup

Sodium bicarbonate 1 cup

Essential oils (your choice and you can mix and match – some recipes have up to 20 drops of different oils)

Healthline reports that for generalized anxiety, CBD oil has proven effective. Your choice of essential oils may add to this effect.

Bath bombs often contain other ingredients to add flair to the occasion. These can be dried flowers, glitter, or anything else you may want in your bath such as food coloring. Just remember, you have to clean the bath after.

How to make the bath bomb:

You must put all the wet ingredients into one mixing bowl, and all the dry into another. Therefore, one bowl will contain sea salt, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and cornstarch. The other will contain essential oils, CBD, coconut oil, and water.


Mix all the dry ingredients together first. Afterward, mix all the wet ingredients. Now, you can introduce them to each other.

Stir the wet ingredients into the dry ones slowly and carefully. Be sure to mix all the time you are doing this. This should be done a little at a time so as not to create that fizzing action you want later in the bath.

Once mixed, put the paste into the mold before it dries out. Leave in the mold for at least an hour to maintain the shape. Take the bath bomb from the mold. Leave it for 24 hours minimum to fully dry out.

You can now use your CBD bath bomb.


Many people wonder if anxiety and panic attacks are treatable. Essential oils and CBD seem to have positive effects on people suffering from these conditions. Therefore, something as simple as a bath bomb might bring some much-needed relaxation and soothing.

Even if you have no medical conditions, adding CBD to a bath bomb can bring an extra dimension to an enjoyable private time.

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