How to Make Your Car’s Stereo Boom

Four Upgrades to Make to Your Vehicle This Summer

If you currently are using a set of factory speakers then you already know the common drawbacks. You can’t crank up the volume as much as you want, the sound quality isn’t clear, and you’re not getting near the amount of bass that you should be. In fact, you might’ve noticed a buzzy or distorted sound coming from your speakers, which means they may already be partially blown out or damaged. The fact of the matter is that factory speakers and equipment simply aren’t made for the long haul.

If you are trying to upgrade your car’s audio but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Car audio installation is easy once you’ve figured out what exactly you need out of the sound system. To get you started, here are the four main components that will make your car stereo boom this summer and beyond.

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Upgrade #1 – Stereo/Head Unit

By upgrading your car stereo, you’re not only going to get a number of convenience features and benefits, but you’ll also instantly improve the quality of your sound. Most modern stereo units feature Bluetooth so that you can seamlessly pair up your Apple or Android device with the unit. This allows you to stream off your Pandora or Spotify playlist without the use of clunky adapters. Best of all, you’re going to notice a significant increase in quality during playback.

Upgrade #2 – Speakers

A surefire way to make your car’s audio sound better is by upgrading the speakers. If you didn’t already know, factory speakers are made from lower quality materials. In some cases, they can even be made out of cardboard, which is highly susceptible to being damaged if pushed too hard. Fortunately, upgrading to higher quality speakers is easy and relatively inexpensive. You can usually get an aftermarket set of speakers for under a few hundred dollars from top brands like Pioneer, Sony, or JL Audio. Not only do aftermarket speakers allow you to go louder, you’ll also notice a difference in the quality of the music during playback. It will be crystal clear with no distortion or buzzing. Believe us, a new set of speakers as well worth your investment to take your audio game up a notch.

Upgrade #3 – Subwoofer

A new subwoofer is going to be the key component in your sound system for capturing all those low pitch frequencies like bass and sub-bass. If you are currently using a set of component speakers, you’re definitely getting some bass but not all of it. That’s why we recommend getting a dedicated subwoofer if you want to be able to hit all those heavy basslines. In the event that you go with an external subwoofer, make sure that you get one that’s properly enclosed. A subwoofer cabinet protects the equipment from nicks and scratches and minimizes any unwanted vibration.

Upgrade #4 – Amplifier

The amplifier will be the finishing touch on your brand-new sound system. First of all, the amplifier is going to let you go a lot louder than what you could without one. Second of all, and possibly more importantly, it’s going to allow you to get all the heavy bass that you want out of your subwoofer. As the name implies, it’s going to amplify your sound, whether it’s high-frequency, low-frequency, or anything in between. Just make sure that once you have your amplifier installed that you don’t crank it all the way up. Instead, you want to adjust the volume of your receiver and amplifier until you find a good middle ground. That keeps the pressure off both of these pieces of equipment so that neither one is maxed out.

Upgrade Your Car Stereo Today

If you’re looking to upgrade your car stereo and are looking for trusted professionals to do it, a good way to start is by searching “car audio near me.” That should narrow things down to the shops in your direct vicinity. Make sure to visit their website so you can get an idea of the services they perform along with pricing. It’s also a good idea to look at reviews as these will be good indicators to the level of quality you should expect when you get new car audio equipment installed. The best way to see what your new car stereo system is going to be like before buying is by visiting the shop in person. A resident expert will be able to show you their latest and greatest set-ups so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

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