How to Make your Shopping Cart Website More Visible to Google

If you own an e-commerce business, you already understand how critical it is to be optimised for Google searches, as millions of global consumers use this search engine to source products. Google is certainly not your enemy, although it can penalise you and lower your search ranking if it sees any malpractice; rather this number 1 search engine is your best ally and you need to do whatever you can to make your shopping cart site more visible to Google.

Popular Search Terms

Regardless of your product, you need to find out which keywords are the most popular when searching for your products; For the sports gear website, it might sportswear, sports clothing, or cheap sporting garments and once you have found these search terms, you must incorporate them into your digital content, which helps Google to notice your website. It should be noted that we are not referring to what you think are the most popular search terms, rather analysis will give you exact numbers and to be comprehensive, you should include the top 5 search terms in your online content.

SEO Agencies

You can learn more at, a leading Canadian SEO agency that delivers results. When approached, they carry out an online audit of your business, to determine the strength of your online profile. This is a starting point and they would put together a dynamic and aggressive digital marketing plan that comprises of several key strategies; search engine optimization, social media and online ads, being just a few.

Create a Blog Page

Even though your site is shopping cart, you can still have a blog page, where you can post articles related to products you sell, which is one way to engage the site visitor. The blogs would not sell you as a provider, rather they offer the user valuable and useful information, while also providing a platform for links. Your SEO agency can create industry specific blogs that you can post under ‘guest’ category to add to yours, which is also link-building. Click here for 6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business.

Professionally Created Content

Every single piece of content you post online should be professionally created, whether it be sales copy, images or rich 4K video, which will help you to create a brand that people can identify with. The right keyword insertions in the right places can have a dramatic effect of a website’s rankings within specific Google search results. The obvious goal is to be at the top of the tree regarding search results and if you do manage to make page 1 of search results, you will need to keep the SEO work ongoing if you want to retain the coveted ranking.

The first thing to do is register your business with Google, giving them a lot of information about your business, then create a sitemap and submit this to Google and that will make your website more visible to the number one search engine in the world!

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