How to Preserve a Photo Book and the Memories it Carries

Life becomes more enjoyable if you try to make memories of every opportunity you get. But making memories means nothing if you cannot capture the beautiful moments so you can relive them at a later time. For most of us, the best way to capture beautiful moments is by taking photographs. However, you can easily forget about photos if you have them digitally since you probably have thousands on your phone. You can choose any photo book maker and get started. With a photo book, you can encapsulate what you love and appreciate about your life and loved ones, but you will need a safe space to store them.

This article looks at some of the best ways to store your photo book to make sure that it can withstand the test of time and preserve the memories you intended. 

  • Do Not Store Them in High Traffic Areas

If you have a photo book, you will try hard to resist the urge to put them on your table and use them as coffee table books so you and your guests can turn the pages anytime. This gives you instant access to your best moments and memories. Because of this, it may be a good idea for you, but it often turns out to be counterproductive. Keeping your photo books within easy reach makes them accessible, but it also makes them prone to water and coffee spills, paper tears, and other accidents such as falls, resulting in spine damage.

  • Create an Experience Each Time You Go Through a Photo Book

When you create a photo book, you create an object that you will treasure for quite some time, and you need to treat it as such. Just like you enjoy creating an experience when watching a movie, you can create an experience when turning the pages of your photo book. You can do this by choosing a specific time. Ensure that anyone who goes through your photo book has clean and dry hands that won’t leave fingerprints and smudges on the pages. Also, use your fingertips to turn the pages, so you make min contact or wear soft fabric gloves.

When storing the book, make sure you put it on a clean flat surface to avoid adding pressure to the book’s spine. Store it in a spill-proof area and move any items that can damage it out of the way. If you find any fingerprints on the photo book, wipe it off using a soft dry cloth.

  • Keep it Away From Direct Sunlight

Keeping a photo book in direct sunlight exposes it to UV rays and heat, which may cause the pages to become disfigured and dry. It can also cause the prints to fade and impact the binding and outer cover negatively. Always store your photo book under room temperature.

To summarise, having a photo book will help you keep your best memories but only if you can store them correctly. It would be best to avoid high traffic areas and areas that keep it in contact with direct sunlight. Also, make it an experience to go through a photo book to keep it in pristine condition.

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