How to Unlock the Life Skill in the Lost Ark gold: A Logging Guide

I bet you are a gamer! Why I am so sure? Because you are on my blog! So, why are you here? You want to know all the information on ‘logging’? So, let’s start with first short overview of the game and then the related topic.

Lost Ark Skyrocketing Popularity

Introduced in the year 2019, the game first hit South Korean market and now it is available worldwide. Why everyone was waiting for the game to become accessible to their state? It is because it is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

Do you know that this game is going to make its place among the top Massively Multiplayer Online games of the going-on year? How is it going to happen? The credit goes to Amazon Game studio which planned to westernize the title of the game. Join the community now as currently the game has collectable assets including mounts, skins and pets, along with rated PvP and a large number of Twitch Drops.

Lost Ark covers everything for artistic players as well. If you love working on crafts, navigate to Life Skills. It lets you collect resources for different tasks including crafting. What’s the purpose of logging then? It makes this process easy for you.


As talked earlier, Life Skills help you collect resources for crafting activities. So, among different feature of Life Skills, ‘Logging’ helps in team play. Logging lets you perform crafting tasks including cutting trees and gathering wood. For example, during the game, you have to cut a tree that is simply too large to cut alone so you do need to ask help from fellow players. When you take other’s help, the task rewards and assets will be equally circulated among contributing members.

Using Life Skills feature requires spending Energy of Life, and the total energy of life for a single account is shared by different characters linked to the same account. The characters of your account will share the same level that you have acquired in this specific Life Skill.  It’s important to remember this whenever you’re working in a crafting career, like logging.

What is the best way to practice Lost Ark Logging?

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Before you are eligible to crack the guide quest “Logging Chop Chop”, you should track the main quest line to enable logging for cutting trees. This quest will take you to Bilbrin Forest in Luterra. On reaching there, you will be gifted with Novice Logging Tool to complete the task of logging 2 trees.

Completing the main quest line is a learning process. So, the players need a Life Skill Tool on engaging in Life Skill tasks including logging, and these are available in different quantities with varying potentials.

Life Skill Tools have their own set of strength, which will decrease progress through Life Skill leveling up process. To keep your tools in good strength, you can either pay silver to have them repaired (at the expense of falling their maximum durability) or use Crystals to improve their performance.

When logging levels progress, on reaching more advance skill levels, you’ll be able to access the following features:

  • Level 1 – Remove the tree
  • A Lumberjack is on Level 10.
  • Wild Growth is the 20th level.
  • The Kick Tree is on level 30.
  • Mastery Skills

Here was detailed information on logging. Do you have more questions about logging? Reach to the comment section and ask. Lost Ark gold is the necessary item you should have in stock to buy resources.

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