How to use faith marketing for your small business in 3 simple steps

Behavioral marketing has revealed to us that faith is a crucial part of a successful marketing campaign. While many small business owners shirk the idea and move along, big companies like Apple guard this secret and base all of their marketing efforts in the direction of building faith.

This article was originally written by Aleph Website who have built many websites and have seen the effects of implementing this simple 3-step process to develop faith among your customers.

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Understanding Faith marketing

The Placebo effect has been long recognized and used in medicinal purposes. Marketing experts have sought to re-implement placebo as a marketing activity and attempt to make it profitable.

Not only that they’ve succeeded, but they made BILLIONS of dollars achieving, what they’ve come to term, Faith Marketing.

By combining Suggestion (affirmation) science and marketing techniques, it was possible to develop a 3-step process.

1. Belief Elaboration

By elaborating on WHY a belief is held, we create the reasoning for sustaining this belief.

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If you like a certain color, then you will try to explain why you like it. In doing so, you can to confirm and affirm your preferences.

2. Belief Personalization

Once a belief is installed, it is time to give it some flamboyance so you adopt it as your own original thinking. The reality is that it is an installed thought into your brain. However, busy elaborating and personalizing, it slips your mind and goes into your subconscious mind directly.

This creates the feeling that this is your own original thought and you become the holder and owner of the belief.

3. Belief Repetition

Branding is all about repetition. Bombarding the perception of humans with familiar colors, font typeface, images, slogans, whatever will re-awaken the same emotion and attitude toward a certain product.

This is why coca cola, despite being a poisonous product, still remains one of the most profitable businesses. By repeating the message over and over again, it becomes the truth.

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