How to Use These GogoPDF Features in an Efficient and Straightforward Manner

If you have the appropriate materials, managing several PDFs is straightforward and easy. GogoPDF features are the best material to help you properly control them. After reading this list, you’ll know that each procedure is simple to carry out, and it will need minor work on your part. So, here’s how to use a few of GogoPDF’s utilities.

Delete Pages

If you want to remove a page or pages from one of your PDF files because it’s no longer necessary or needed, you can use this function of GogoPDF. Users need to use a specific tool to help them modify something in a PDF because it is not an easy thing to manage. PDFs are only editable when you use an effective tool over them.

To delete pages from PDF, you need to upload your file into their software to help you correctly perform the task because if not, you will not successfully delete the page or the page you want may not be the one you will be removing. But don’t worry because the function has instructions you can follow to perform the job neatly. If you want to know how to do it right, here are four strategies for quickly removing pages from a PDF:

  1. Upload the PDF file you want the tool to process. It’s easier if you drag and drop the file to the toolbar.
  2. After picking the pages that you will no longer need or want, hit the “Apply Changes” box.
  3. The system will begin applying the changes that you made while it processes.
  4. Download symbol will appear, which means the procedure is complete. By that, you can now use your newly edited file.

Number Pages

Use GogoPDF’s simple tool to add a page number to your PDFs. As a result, it will be simple for you and the others to immediately detect certain information. Adding page numbers also gives the document a more professional and structured appearance. When generating reports or projects, numbers are necessary to employ if you want to point out or emphasize valuable information.

Fortunately, using GogoPDF’s “Number Pages” makes adding page numbers easy and quick. Your PDF pages will be numbered instantaneously as a result of this process. You don’t need to look it up on the internet since it’s so simple to accomplish that even beginners can do it properly. To accurately add page numbers, you must follow the following four steps:

  1. On the site, upload the PDF file you wish to use.
  2. You have the option of where you want the page numbers to appear. Then, assuming modifying them is done, select the appropriate button to continue.
  3. You must wait for a few minutes for the procedure to complete appropriately.
  4. You have the option of downloading the file or emailing it to yourself.

Add Watermark

If you opt to submit your files to any of your online browsers, make sure they are secure using or putting a watermark on them. No one will be able to claim ownership of your file after that. In addition, you can immediately safeguard your PDF files by using the “Apply Watermark” feature to add a watermark to your documents effortlessly.

It will help you rapidly safeguard your critical digital assets by allowing you to apply a watermark to PDF files. You may also pick the sort of watermark you want, whether it’s an image or a text watermark, as well as the shape and font style. Users may also choose where the watermark emerges in the PDF. Moreover, here’s a simple way to add a watermark to your PDF file:

  1. Select and upload your PDFs to the platform by tapping the select file box.
  2. If you want an image watermark, grab your favorite photo or logo, and as for the text watermark, type in the text or words you desire. Place them where it’s best suited.
  3. After that, press “Add Watermark” to begin the procedure. Please be patient and wait for it to finish properly.
  4. Your properly stamped file is now available for download or to be sent to your email address.


There will be no problem with handling PDF files as long as you have all the means to help you manage them. Like the GogoPDF’s functions, it will assist you in all the essential things you want for your files. They even have some tools to convert specific formats into PDF and even vice versa. If you have a lot of PDF strewn on your computer or any devices, you can also use their Merge tool. They offer so much more. Now visit their page, and you’ll discover everything there.

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