How to watch movies for free without downloading

Did a last-minute unforeseen event cause you to skip the outing you had planned tonight with your friends? Do you want to fight the boredom of the evening by watching a good movie but on TV it doesn’t give anything good? Then I think I have solutions that are right for you, or rather, the mare magnum of the Internet has them.

You can visit 123 moviesor 123free movies  to watch free movies online.

You must know that there are websites through which you can watch streaming movies, even in Full HD or UltraHD resolution, completely free and legal. There is no need to download them, nor do you need to install special programs on your PC: just a simple click and the show is ready! Furthermore, many of these services also work from smartphones and tablets thanks to very convenient apps that can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

So, what do you think? Do you want to find out how to watch free movies without downloading programs on your PC? Well, then take a few minutes of free time and try to follow the tips I’m about to give you. I assure you that it is really child’s play and that you will find lots of interesting films to enjoy immediately. Prepare the popcorn and a nice cold drink, you will need them much sooner than you imagine!


Free movies on YouTube? Well yes. Fortunately, they are there and you can watch them completely legally, just contact the right channels. Among these I point out  Movie On by YAM112003  and  Film & Clips by Minerva Pictures : the first hosts dozens of international films, even quite recent ones, belonging to various film genres. The second contains several thematic playlists including horror titles, Italian comedies, trailers and international films in their original language (with subtitles).

Staying on the subject of subtitled films, I also point out  KoreanFilm,  a channel dedicated entirely to Korean cinema that contains over 100 classic films (made from the 1930s onwards), some of which have Italian subtitles.

To access all these channels, no special registration is required: the films can be watched like any other film on the portal. Also from smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, video game consoles, Chromecast and any other device capable of playing videos from YouTube.

Mediaset Play Infinity

Mediaset Play Infinity is Mediaset’s official multi-platform streaming service through which it is possible to watch, after free registration of an account, the free-to-air TV channels of the television group in live streaming. The service in question also makes it possible to view, in on demand mode, all the programs, films, dramas and television series broadcast on Mediaset television channels.

To use the service, you can connect to its official website , in order to register by pressing on the little man icon and using the Login> Register sections , or you can download its app for Android , iOS / iPadOS mobile devices , in order to see its contents even on the move. Furthermore, it is possible to watch Mediaset Play Infinity on Smart TV, by downloading its app available on the most recent Smart TV models, such as LG Smart TVs and Android TVs. Alternatively, on non-Smart TVs, it is possible to take advantage of support for devices that make a TV Smart, such as Chromecast, to stream content on TV.

After registering, to locate a film to watch, refer to the Most viewed and Latest arrivals sections located on the main screen of the service, in order to browse the catalog of the available films. Eventually, if you already know the title of a film and want to know if it is available on Mediaset Play Infinity , you can search for it by typing the title in the search engine ( the magnifying glass icon ).

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