How to Write a Brand Video Script in #6 Easy Steps

Creating Brand videos for marketing your product or business has become essential in today’s marketing strategies. These videos are not exactly made for advertising or self-promotion. They are usually created for brand or product awareness. Bringing a positive effect on the product or business. These positive effects create the ripples and do the invisible marketing for your product or business.

How to write an Explainer video script?

We are discussing here the essentials steps of creating a seamless video script for your explainer video. These are the 6 steps you should follow to achieve a mind-blown video script.

Step 1: Create a brief for the video

The video brief is the first key step. This makes the whole process planned and easy as well. Once you create the brief, you simply follow it, and viola, your script would be ready.  There are multiple key points you should ponder on to get an outclass brief. Let us have a look at them.

  • What is the reason behind the making of this video?

Why are you making the video? This is the first question for you to answer. Everything starts with a purpose. Deciding that makes the process easy.

  • Who is your target audience?

Just know your demographics. Who are you making this video for? Either you are targeting all of the age groups or any specific ones.

Is this video going to be gender-specific or not?

Will, the viewers will be business-oriented people or any special services people?

When you define the audience, you are confident about what they like to watch and how you can show them what you want to show.

  • What do you want to tell them through the video?

Once you decide your audience, the next thing is what do you have to show and impress? This is your main reason for showcasing. And this purpose should be properly served.

  • What is the narrative you want your script to be written in?

When you have finalized your viewers and the main idea you want to convey to them, the next thing is how you will convey that idea?

What narrating style you would choose, either funny or serious business-oriented.

  • How much do you want to spend?

Your budget is the thing your creativity depends on. You can do whatever fits into the budget, or you have to modify it according to it. Catch up with your finance department before initiating the work.

  • When do you want to launch the video?

The launch deadline must be decided. This makes the process fast and quick without any random roaming.

Step 2: Tell a story

A strong storyline is a must for writing an explainer video script that can create an attention-grabbing video for your audience. It serves the great purpose of conveying your means and values to the viewers.

One thing to consider here is that your story must be relevant to your brand strategy. It must show a similar point of view what your product or business already has. Or at least it is in relevance with it.

Storytelling the brand message with the video is a plus here as it makes the message more vivid to the viewers.

Step 3: Language, audio, and sounds

Choose your language according to your audience. It would not be a wise decision to launch a Spanish language video where everyone speaks French.

By language here, you should consider the tone as well. Either soft and friendly or straight and business-oriented. You can call it a no-nonsense style.

Then the audio you have to add to the video should comply with the message of the video. Soft and light audio lets the audience focus on the video, whereas loud and strong audio might steal their focus.

The sound quality must be great. Do not compromise on this, as it will ruin all your efforts to create the video. Launch the video with the best sound quality.

Step 4: Plan the video

When you are done planning and working on the above steps, the next thing you need to do is to plan the video according to that.

Now you have to decide how to combine all the elements fusing them to create a piece of art video.

The script and act on it and the sound and music make a complete package of a video.

Step 5: Recheck and wrap it up

It is never a bad idea to check and then recheck. Every time you do it, you will find loopholes. Once you have rechecked it by yourself, now get it checked by someone else.

Read it aloud to your colleagues. Reading it will show how it sounds to the listeners.

You can amend your straightforward tone to a lighter one if you please.

Then when it is done from every perspective, wrap it up for yourself and get the video-making process started.

Step 6: Call to action

This is a must. Your script should contain a call of action message at the end. Without it, what is the purpose of launching the video otherwise? This is not necessarily a buying action. It can be anything like

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Final thought

After following all the steps mentioned above with due diligence, we can assure you will come up with a great video script.

Just remember to be true to your product or business. Tell what you are and what you would provide to your clients. Never lie to your customers. It can give you a temporary advantage but will make you lose long-term clients. Try to resonate with your viewers by creating a script that makes them feel connected in some way with your brand.

You can have professional script writing services, or you can make the draft all by yourself.

When you have created the draft of your script, you can hire BuzzFlick, a video animation production company for video making. You will have an awesome brand video that will get you loyal customers.

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