Huawei Band 4 – Review

First up, one of Huawei Band 4 best things is that it’s not paired with a charging wire or a cage-like fitness tracker. The masculine end of a USB-A joining will show one half of the strap instead, which means you attach the band to any USB port to charge the connection.

Most fitness bands and smartwatches come not just with cables but also with a proprietary loader that means that if you mislay or forget about the accessory, you will run out of power. The Band 4, not so. This is a little detail that brands me question why other firms do not do the equal thing.

Fortunately, the break of the Huawei Band 4 is as good as the finest cheapest activity trailer of 2019 and competes with Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It boasts an excellent battery life of a week, a coloured touch-screen and a complete spectrum of action and slumber monitoring.

Price and availability

The Huawei Band 4 is obtainable at the same prices as the Mi Xiaomi Band 4 . This is much better than Fitbit’s cheapest, the Inspire HR. The Huawei 4 Band provides you with the same functions with a colour shade and healthier battery life for less than half the price.

A good fit

Band 4 is just as basic as suitability trackers, which is a nice thing. It is packaged in a small 24g design in a dinky 0.96in a colour display that is pixelated, but fantastic for the value but tough to read directly by sunlight. Underneath the shade is a touch switch that activates the display and operating as a menu back.

Buttons at the bottom release each half quickly, with one showing a smart USB charge connection hidden while usage anywhere. The tracker is always slightly curved to embrace your wrist on the bottom and has the tiniest bumps that the heart step sensor can contain.

I felt it was convenient to wear for almost a week all day. It is waterproof to 50m, and so I sported it in the bath, so it is thin enough that I don’t know while I am sleeping.

I believe that it looks nicer than the Fitbit Stimulate series and that its manufacturing is additional durable. Moreover, making such a tiny band more than useful is challenging.

Function over its shape

The Huawei Band 4 is the simplest fitness tracker to use, but it over performs when it derives to its functionality. It does not come with GPS (as do most trackers this size and price); therefore, you essential to carry your telephone with you on innings and cycling to tracks your path.

It has steps, detachment, calories, and heart degree, which may be adjusted automatically or manually at the expense of battery life. But I’ve got a whole week of continual wear off the Band 4 even with auto heart rate and up to the wake screen (by default).

I used Band 4 to monitor runs and exercises at the fitness centre and create it precise. It features interior and outside training modes, walking and cycling as biennial trainers and paddling machines. I charity it mainly in the free weight training mode, and my heart rate was recorded, and the Huawei Fitness app read it out of intensity. Huawei Health is a rather easy app, and once you have been used to some of the tricks involved in attempting to access fitness statistics, it’s best for casual fitness tracking.


The three best features we’ve identified in the HUAWEI Band 4 reviews are battery life, wireless charging and ease to wear. If you don’t want a smartwatch complete with all the chimes and whistles, the Band 4 is all that you need for a fantastic price.

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