I Changed My Mind About Pemf Machines. Here’s Why

Is Pemf Machine safe? The first question popped up as she recommended getting Pemf machines for Pemf therapy. I was battling for years to recover from surgery and started facing discomfort, tiredness, fatigue, along with sleep deprivation.

I am sure you know how it felt as days passed “”in a funk”” and unusual feelings. Like every other taking supplements, self-medication, diets, and many more, even though no permanent results. Huh, I got tired! Started researching Pemf machines and found them to be personalized, affordable, promising, and fantastic.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (Pemf machines) therapy is FDA approved and supported by health experts as well as NASA Research.

How do Pemf Machines work?

Simply Pemf machines provide energy bursts to body cells assisting the regeneration of cells, functioning, and tissue connectivity. With Pemf machines, low intensity, short duration electromagnetic pulses are used for stimulating body tissue. Various health challenges are being befitted from Pemf machines. The best part is it does not have any association with drugs, so no more harmful effects.

There are some minor reports of Pemf machines adverse reactions too. Usually, in such cases, by slight adjustments in the treatments, we can continue Pemf therapy.

Pemf machines assist the body.

Using Pemf machines is ordinarily fine and can optimize your body for;

Accelerate tissue repairing and wound healing

With the daily performance of Pemf machines, cells, tissue, and muscles start to work harder for a long time and rapid recovery, and it results in cellular energy increment.

Sleep Managing

Pemf machines assist in sustaining sleep, deep relaxation, fall asleep and improve sleep quality. By theta delta frequencies the brain receives traditional frequencies to relax deeply. Pemf therapy stimulates Melatonin, an anti-aging and sleep hormone production.

Releasing pain

Facing pain, individuals try various methods and therapies to get rid of it. Pemf machines speed up the pain-reducing and healing process to make people move freely.

Why is there a cellular level treatment?

On the cellular level, cells constantly take nutrients and dispose of waste. Magnetic fields of Pemf machines affect the charge of the cell membrane to open membrane channels. As they open, it becomes more convenient for cells to intake nutrients and dispose of waste. As a result, it assists in restoring optimum factors and rebalancing the cell functioning.

Backed by NASA Research

NASA Dr. Thomas Goodwin Ph.D. leads the most thorough study on Pemf therapy for over four years, and results proved its effectiveness for tissue repairing and improvement in growth.

After spending years in space as astronauts returned home, they face an issue of body deterioration, mostly any of the weak immune system, tissue, bone deterioration, and other negative impacts.

The research discovered such impacts as the root cause were astronauts leaving the earth magnetic field. Interestingly for four years, NASA invested millions in magnetic therapy, and several studies were concluded, officially famous with electromagnetic field therapy (Pemf).

Results included 250% to 400% regrowth improvement with electromagnetic field stimulation. Pemf research Reports showed effectiveness in bone repairing, including cases of broken bone healing.

FDA Approval

Yes, the FDA has approved various Pemf machines for applications. Certain devices are safe for public use from the FDA via the 510(k) form. View the summary for Pemf machines and FDA.

How are Pemf Machines used?

Straight to point for:

  • Athletes Training aid
  • Sleep relief and Insomnia natural treatment
  • Fatigue and tiredness reduction
  • Tension and anxiety reduction
  • Swelling and arthritis pain natural aid
  • Aid to relief after surgery pain naturally

Final thoughts

Pemf machines have been beneficial for me. Taking the right decision at the right time turned over my lifestyle within six months. In the start, I got uncomfortable and thought of leaving it but with the help of my doctor eventually, after setting it up again with various adjustments finally it was all on track.

They are pretty impressive and a natural way of treatment. Let me share all of the factors that changed my mind about Pemf machines. There are no traditional medication harmful effects. With it being backed by NASA Research, FDA approved Pemf machines and supported by medical and wellness expert opinions and testimonials are significant factors to change my traditional mind about Pemf machines.

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