Identifying the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a good criminal defense attorney can play a decisive role in your case. There are many firms out there with qualified attorneys who can help you win your case.

Visit for the best criminal lawyer in Chicago. The following criteria can help you in your personal search for the right lawyer and the choice of a criminal defense lawyer to find the “right” one. Two things play a decisive role here: professional competence and the personal level between client and lawyer.

Professional competence

Professional competence is the first important criterion by which a good criminal lawyer can be identified. A good criminal law attorney demonstrates professional competence through appropriate training in the field of criminal law. Criminal proceedings are extremely complex matters, and in practice, no two cases are alike. Thus, different demands are made on a criminal defense attorney, from criminal proceedings to criminal proceedings. Only those who are able to meet these requirements are really familiar with the subject matter of criminal law.

In order to recognize the professional competence of the criminal defense lawyer, you can roughly orientate yourself on four characteristics.

  • First of all, when choosing your criminal defense lawyer, you should make sure that the lawyer is a specialist lawyer for the relevant area. Only those who have specialized in the field will deal with criminal law on a regular basis and be familiar with the subject matter of criminal law.
  • Similar to the qualification to become a specialist lawyer, their level of studies can be evaluated.
  • The third important characteristic is the lawyer’s practical or “forensic” experience. Especially in criminal law, in addition to experience in case processing, a confident appearance in court is particularly important. When choosing your criminal defense attorney, pay attention to what specialization they have. Decide for yourself whether you want to be looked after by a generalist or a specialist.
  • Finally, it is also important whether the lawyer publishes something. A dissertation, specialist books, or articles in specialist journals show that the lawyer regularly deals with a large number of criminal law topics. But there may also be articles on the lawyer’s own website, such as information or tips about criminal law, which may interest the client.

Personal characteristics of the criminal defense attorney

The objective or formal characteristics described above such as

  • specialist lawyer title,
  • education level,
  • forensic experience and
  • publications

make a good lawyer. However, it is not yet clear who the best criminal defense lawyer is for you personally. Ultimately, therefore, the individual and personal characteristics of the lawyer are also decisive. The following questions can be decisive for you:

  • Does the lawyer fully answer your questions?
  • Is the lawyer asking the “right” questions?
  • Do you think the attorney understands the issues behind the criminal charge?
  • Does he take a lot of time before answering you?
  • Does making an appointment take a lot of time, or is it quick?
  • Is your lawyer easy to reach by phone, or does he never call you back?
  • Are they sufficiently informed about the individual procedural steps?
  • Do you feel you are in good hands with your lawyer?

These questions indicate that, in addition to professional competence, the social component is also crucial for the selection of a lawyer. Social competence can be checked through recommendations from friends and relatives, but also through online reviews. Praise and criticism from previous or current clients can sometimes be revealing. In particular, if individual points of criticism are mentioned repeatedly, one should reconsider the choice of the respective lawyer. However, anyone who is overwhelmed by the praise of numerous clients will also use all means to defend your interests in your case effectively.

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