If you are going to come to Aconcagua, remember to be hydrated all the time

It has been an incredible adventure that I will remember all my life, excellent planning and professional Aconcagua mountain guides, a good cook and better company. Mount Aconcagua is always my first option in South America, and this hill always manages to meet my expectations. We have been training for five months. The process surprised me positively because the route is wild with few people and spectacular landscapes, with a well-educated guide and a staff of people very involved with the objective. 10/10. We live the best experience in the world in the Andes Mountains; for all-mountain lovers, they must come to Aconcágua. The magic of those snowy peaks by day, the enchantment of the starry sky at night, the pure air. This expedition would not have been possible without the great team of professionals that accompanied us who made everything easy, adapting to our times. At our own pace, and they are the main protagonists of these unforgettable days. A big hug to Juan and Gaston. We will be back! I got to know Mount Aconcagua by chance, and from the beginning, to prepare for the trip and until the end, my training and dedication were outstanding. All the team always very attentive, advising me to organize my stay and activity throughout the expedition. Once in Mendoza, the contact was constant. They helped me prepare and hire different excursions in the area. We organized the ascent to Aconcagua in total harmony with each other. Looking at the days, we spent climbing the colossus of America, everything was perfect. The guide, very professional and an excellent connoisseur of the environment; this gives you a lot of security. I could also count on my expedition companions’ pleasant company, a true lover of the mountains and a perfect host. I will return, and I will do it to go up the two-sided route. Thank you very much for everything and strength in these moments that we have to live. The Aconcagua expedition was a wonderful experience. The logistics were well organized, high mountain tents in excellent condition and good food. I hope to return by another route. I want to thank you for having fulfilled a dream for me and my 20-year-old son, Pablo, of knowing one of the mystical places for all mountaineers and other beautiful places. It was an experience for both of us. I also went into the company of a friend and her mother. We were all delighted with the hospitality and professionalism they treated us, all the excellent itinerary with enough time to appreciate a little piece of Mendoza. Recently I was doing the Trekking to Plaza de Mulas and the ascent to Cerro Bonete and Mount Aconcagua, and I wanted to thank you for all the management of our trip. All the staff of your organization have taken care of a spectacular vacation. Many thanks to the guides, cooks, muleteers, hotel staff, etc. You’re lovely—a hug from Madrid. I hope to coincide in the future.

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