The car washing business has emerged as one of the best competitive businesses in Kenya, especially with the increase in the purchase of cars in the country. To make work easier and save time, many people prefer purchasing car washing machines for both personal and commercial use.

As a result, companies are outdoing each other by producing different designs with different features to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Services Provided by Car Washing Machines

Full service. This service involves washing both exterior and interior parts of the car. Washing is done thoroughly and maintenance services are also offered.

Exterior service. Here only the exterior parts of the car are cleaned. It is done while the car is moving on a conveyor belt.

Exterior rollover. Unlike the exterior service, here the car is placed in a fixed position and the machine cleans it automatically.

Self-service. This is a type of service where the owner of the car has the freedom to use available resources at the car wash station to wash the car for him/herself.

Of late, the touchless method is the most recommended way of providing these services. Here the parts of the machine do not get in touch with the car, but the cleaning is done faster.

How Car Washing Machine Works

These machines apply simple principles used in handwashing. The surface of the car is first soaped, scrubbed, rinsed, and then the water on the car is dried.

An automatic car wash, on the other hand, operates differently. Here everything is done automatically. The car is washed automatically as the pressure washer sprays water. After washing the car, wax is sprayed and scrubbing is done to make it shinier.

Some of the Best Car Washing Machines

1. Pacwell Car Washing Machines

This is an electric pressure machine that offers 3450 PSI and is more convenient with a removable bucket and wider wheels. The machine has three nozzles, two for cleaning and the other for applying soap. The company offers a one-year warranty to its customers in case of any problem agreed on terms and conditions.

2. Pioneer Pressure washer

This is a petrol-powered washer that is highly recommended for heavy duties. It has good built-in storage for different types of pressures, onboard soap tanks, and soap dispensers. Its big wheels make it easy to be rolled everywhere. Its hose is as long as 30 feet so that the user can spray easily without moving the machine.

3. Hisaki Pressure Washer

Since it is recommended to use a pressure of around 1600 PSI, this is the ideal machine for car washers. This machine comes with an adjustable nozzle with a detergent bottle attached to it to make work easier. Though it lacks wheels, it is easy to move around because it is lightweight.

4. Tamashi

This is a very substantial and heavy-duty machine. It can generate as high as 2030 PSI of pressure. It has five nozzles for tackling tougher jobs.

Where to Buy Car Washing Machines

Car washing machines are available both in local and online stores. Customers are able to purchase both used and brand-new machines of their choice.


Before considering purchasing one, it is more important to put this information about a car washing machines in mind.

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