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Internet Stability – Why It’s Just as Important As Speeds

In our increasingly connected world, a fast internet connection is becoming a necessity. However, speed isn’t all that is required to have a good internet connection. You also need a stable internet connection.

What is Internet Speed?

Internet speed is the measure of how much data can be transmitted at a specific time. Internet speed is what determines how well internet-based services will perform. This includes things like video streaming, online meetings, and gaming. A faster connection allows you to transmit more data and enjoy a better experience online.

A slow connection will mean that your video may pause, your meeting or class may cut out, or you will be booted from an online match. A slow internet connection also means that fewer devices can use your home connection at once.

What Makes Internet Stability Important?

Internet stability isn’t just how fast your connection is, it also determines how quickly more intensive requests like streaming will be performed. If your connection isn’t stable, you will notice longer download times and even downloads pausing and restarting often. For streaming, this means lots of waiting while you buffer. If you or your child is trying to attend a meeting or class, you may suffer from lagging or glitches. By having a stable connection, you will have these problems less often.

Why Does Internet Speed Matter?

Internet speed is important because it determines what you can easily do online. You can’t stream high-quality video on a slow connection. A slow connection also means that if you are working from home, it will take you longer to respond to your coworkers or clients. This can be a make or break for your career since being hard to contact is a bad mark on your name. Slower connections also can’t handle multiple users well. If you are working from home, and you have two kids who need to attend classes online, you will all be competing for a limited amount of bandwidth. Businesses will always need higher bandwidth since at the least everyone needs to check emails. If you are doing telecommuting, you will need higher bandwidth to keep on task.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?

How much bandwidth you will need depends on how many users will be accessing your connection and what they will be doing. For basic browsing, you don’t need much more than a 1 Mbps or Megabyte per second connection. For video conferencing and telecommuting, you will need between 5 and 25 Mbps. Having multiple users on one connection will slow speeds for every user. If you are wondering how you can check your current connection to start comparing if you need a new internet service provider, you can use network visibility to learn more about what your internet needs are for your home or business.

In conclusion, having a stable and reliable internet connection is becoming more important in our modern world. Make sure yours is up to the task.

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