Introducing TikTok: Business Benefits and Trends for 2021

Here they post 15-60-second videos, processed through the built-in editor, with effects, music, stickers and masks. There are also traditional likes for tik tok, views and comments. The daily number of users reaches 800 million. Even if we exclude inactive accounts, “dead souls” and bots, the figure is pretty solid. In Russia, the viewers of “TikTok”, according to data for 2018, are about 1.5 million. Their age is from 10 to 25 years, and the time spent here is 13 minutes a day. The audience is expanding rapidly. Therefore, it was worth starting to promote your account on TikTok yesterday. Our article will tell you exactly what opportunities this platform gives and how to use them.

Choosing a theme for your profile

For the active development of the channel, you need to clearly understand for which audience and for what purpose the content is being created. It is worth formulating and writing down the answers to such questions: for whom the video will be filmed, what are the interests of potential viewers, what they prefer to watch, listen to and read. Decide on a general concept for your channel and try to stick to it. At the top of the profile, we indicate the username (nickname) or subject. Further in the description we tell about ourselves and explain why visitors should subscribe to our channel. In this case, you need to keep within 80 characters. It is important to understand that people visit TikTok to relax their brains, not strain them. Therefore, instructional videos are not very popular here. You can, of course, present them in an original way, hook the viewer with an interesting picture or humor. But science is not what teens will watch.

Basic settings

You can use a photo, animated picture (GIF) or video as an avatar. To get access to statistics on the channel’s operation, create a PRO account. Next, you need to make a choice of topics. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

from the main page of the profile, go to the settings (an icon in the form of three dots in the upper right corner);

select the menu item “Account Management”;

here follow the link “Switch to PRO-account”;

from the list of categories, select the one for which you will receive statistical data. Only the owner can see it. These are Education, Music and Dance, Media, Beauty and Fashion, etc.

TikTok has a lot in common with Instagram. Once you’ve completed your profile and worked on the concept, start filming your video. Feel free to experiment, but stick to the general theme.

Channel promotion methods

TikTok promotion can be provided free of charge or through paid tools. You shouldn’t start paying for promotion until you’ve uploaded 15 to 20 videos to your channel. This will save your budget by only recommending the content to those users who are interested in it. It so happens that as the concept develops, the concept is transformed, and the channel loses some of its free tiktok followers. Work out an individual presentation and style, after which you can start paid promotion.

Free promotion

Using hashtags. Choose them according to the theme of your channel. Do not forget about the current tags, which can be viewed in the corresponding tab.

Active online behavior. Like, comment, subscribe to other people’s accounts and then, as a thank you, you will receive reciprocal likes, comments and subscriptions.

Promotion in other social networks. Share with subscribers a tiktok QR code or a link to your TikTok.

Participation in challenges. On the Popular tab, you can see what’s trending.

Increased engagement. Live broadcasts, polls and other forms of interaction with visitors will help with this.

Filming reactions to other people’s videos.

Joint entries with bloggers.

Mutual PR. Look for a channel with as many subscribers as you and negotiate a partnership. And the owners of the more popular channels can be paid to help.

Tiktok paid promotion

Boost subscribers and likes. TikTok is a young network, so the control here is lax when compared to Instagram. But there is still a risk of getting banned, so you should limit yourself to buying 100 likes or subscribers daily. For this purpose, you can use the following services like

Placing advertisements for your channel with bloggers You need to find someone who is popular in your topic, and agree with him about such a service.

Cross-promotion on social networks. A fragment of your best video can be posted on Instagram and promoted the TikTok channel with a link to it and an invitation to subscribe.

Conducting competitions. You can, for example, give away prizes. In order to achieve an influx of subscribers, you need to interest the audience. The conditions of the competition, the reward and the method of sending the prize are being thought over.

Ways to make money on TikTok

Many users of this social network are already receiving income here. But don’t rush and give up your studies in favor of blogging. On TikTok, only those over the age of 18 and younger users who have received permission from their parents make money. Sources of dawn a few boots.

Conducting live broadcasts

During the broadcast, grateful users can send you the local currency of the social network (tips or coins). At the same time, 20 percent of such donations are taken by TikTok. From $ 10, you can withdraw to an electronic wallet or card. But not everyone can conduct live broadcasts, but only Tiktokers, who have at least a thousand subscribers.

Native advertising

Place advertisements for products, services, brands and other bloggers on your channel. Ideally, 70 percent of the time should be dedicated to content and 30 percent to ad inserts.

Working at the TikTokker position

This way of making money is suitable for people who are well versed in the operation of the platform. You can work as an SMM specialist at TikTok for a blogger. You will need to prepare scripts for his videos, technical tasks for photographers, find ideas for contests, look for new channels for promotion and interact with the audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Under your videos, you can leave links to pages of various products. Your subscribers will click on them and make purchases, and you will be paid a percentage of such referrals or sales.

Attracting clients to the business

The account can act as an additional advertising tool and attract customers. How exactly, we will tell you further.

Launching your business on TikTok

This social network can become a new opportunity for business promotion. Create a corporate account or identify a person acting on behalf of the company and promoting goods (works, services). Consider who your potential client is and what his ability to pay is. Nobody is interested in boring job reports. The videos should contain humor and creativity. If you have a veterinary clinic, put records in TikTok with the animals you serve. And be sure to choose the cutest videos that you can’t tear yourself away from. Clothing retailers can shoot attractive videos with original filters showing outfits to music. Anyone who earns some kind of craft can post an accelerated record of their work and show how the product can be used. Add a logo to the video and link to the site. This will allow potential customers to get in touch with you quickly. Small businesses or startups can’t afford to get a logo design from a professional logo designer or a design agency! The better way to get a logo can be a logo maker.

Advertising placement

To make TikTok start earning for you, place ads on this site. The network is still young, and advertisements have not yet had time to blur the eyes. To the delight of marketers, the platform developers have provided a rich set of promotion tools. Let’s consider the main ways to popularize your business in TikTok and the corresponding analytical tools.

Attraction of bloggers to the promotion. Control views, comments, likes and the percentage of targeted actions.

Native advertising. Its effectiveness is determined by the number of likes, comments and targeted actions (subscriptions, orders and clicks on the link).

Challenges. You can choose a popular TikToker and agree with him to launch a challenge with your original hashtag. You can track how effective a campaign is by the number of videos that will be released with your tag, likes under them and comments. The video should be viral, so don’t spare any creativity.

In-feed ads. This is a feed advertisement. You can attach badges and survey cards to such videos, apply effects and masks, and use other opportunities for interactivity. This is similar to Instagram feed advertisements.

TopView. Ads are displayed immediately after the user logs into TikTok. Here is a pretty good indicator of the share of clicks on links to third-party resources – an average of 15 percent.

Brand Takeover. This tool has similarities to the previous one, but 5-second videos or banner ads can be used. Advertising purchase is carried out through targeting.

Trends in 2021

The main idea of ​​TikTok will remain – opening your mouth to music and crazy dances.

Despite the takeover of the social network, Vain continues to gain likes, views and comments in the sketch format.

Tearful social videos are popular. For example, they help the homeless with food or money.

The mystical format is also perfect. An impressive number of comments and likes confirm that people continue to like sorcerers, hypnotists and magicians.

Experiments are also worth doing. Demonstrate chemical reactions and physical experiments, mix anything, burn and explode. The result must be spectacular. But we must not forget about safety.

Record reactions to other people’s videos.

Capture your athletic feats, reaching new heights in the competition, beyond the reach of others.

Beauty themes are also always in demand. Videos with makkiyah are great.

Bad ideas for TikTok

To figure out what the users of this social network will not like, you need to try different topics. It is important how the content is presented, what is the quality of sound and video, and other factors. If you shoot a video without a plot, on a dirty and weak camera and with a howling they are blown in dynamics, do not count on popularity. Will not add points to your negative attitude towards other TikTokers and your own subscribers. Today TikTok is a platform where people behave peacefully, express themselves and show cheerfulness. Therefore, do not forget about tolerance and politeness. Taboo topics are violence and pornography. In case of violation, you will immediately be banned. If you’re planning to partner with advertisers, be natural and don’t lose out on a personal touch. Subscribers will be able to forgive you for your ad serving your style, but they won’t understand format changes to make money.

Let’s summarize

TikTok is treated very differently: someone hates it and does not understand what is good about this social network, while someone wants to spend long hours here watching short videos. Getting to know this site can be a shock. Many people at first wonder how such videos can gain thousands of likes and views. But over time, if you look closely, you can understand that people go into this network in order to escape the aggression and unfriendliness of the world around them, or in order to find opportunities for self-expression. We are present at the separation of social networks by interests. VKontakte is gradually becoming Odnoklassniki, Telegram and YouTube are turning into educational platforms, and Instagram is becoming a platform for business development, on which they promote themselves, goods and services. TikTok has been given the role of a place where people come to rejoice and relax.

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