Is whole milk nutritious as formula?

All parents after the inclusion of the first feeding ask the question, which is better whole milk or baby formulas. Many doctors recommend using a natural product like cow’s or goat’s milk. But keep in mind that the baby formulas that are currently on the market are of excellent quality and can not only completely replace all the nutrients contained in whole milk, but to add even more vitamins from different groups.But be careful because it is possible that your child simply does not need extra vitamins.

In order to make the right choice for your baby, you need to learn about certain nuances about the use of natural milk and baby formula.

As you know, the best option for your baby is always breast milk, which will give your baby everything he or she needs. But in case of loss of breast milk or other reasons, parents are faced with the choice of which is better, whole milk or formula. The first factor that favors baby formula is that it is much easier to digest. The child’s body and in particular the stomach is sensitive and delicate. Due to this, the digestion of large amounts of protein and minerals is difficult for the child. So situations such as indigestion, diarrhea, or slightly abnormal stool may occur.

It is impossible to miss one of the most important factors that manufacturers of baby formulas do everything or bring them as close as possible to breast milk. The formula contains as many ingredients and properties as possible to mimic breast milk. The most obvious difference between them is that the baby formula lacks live antibodies.

What does baby formula contain in contrast to whole milk?

In addition to standard lactose, the formulas are rich in a variety of minerals, nutrients, probiotics and prebiotics and other beneficial elements that help your baby get everything he or she needs for good development. Since we have fixed standards for European or American certification, all manufacturers of baby formulas must adhere to strict rules and contain some immutable elements. More at: Best Organic Baby Formula 2021

Unlike all milk, the formulas have a high concentration of whey protein and a low level of casein protein. Since goat’s or cow’s milk contains a lot of casein, it makes it difficult for children to digest it. Moreover, baby formulas are rich in vitamins and minerals. For good growth and strengthening bones, children need Calcium. Therefore, all formulas have this element, as well as vitamins B and E. For the timely development of mental abilities, the child must receive daily with milk the necessary fats. Baby formulas contain linoleic acid, which is incredibly useful for babies. Since this acid is absent in whole milk, the formula comes to the rescue.

According to experts, the best age for introducing milk into a child’s diet is from 12 months. That’s why parents still need to find the best organic baby formula. From this age you can protect your child from various negative or allergic reactions. Therefore, the choice of parents in this regard is one of the most important and should be treated very carefully.

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