Jesus Spoke of a Real Hell: Journey to Hell Movie

This script’s character growth and respect for the characters are evident, which hasn’t been widely discussed since its release. After watching the film, you will still think about the script’s imaginative ending. The entire plot revolves around a man’s descent into hell due to his rejection of Christ.

At the beginning of the movie, a group of surfers searches for Shane Badman on a beach in Los Angeles (John Terrell). Shane was rushed to a nearby hospital’s emergency room as soon as we learned of his condition. You can’t save him now; he’s already drowned and under the water. We watch Hannah (Emilie Soghomonian), his wife, and his friends crying during his funeral service as they remember how much he meant to them. Shane’s spirit is just beginning to awaken and discover what will happen to him in hell. That must be some terrible dream he’s having. That’s saying a lot considering the circumstances.

About the movie in detail

Shane Badman (John Terrell) wakes up in a smoke- and brimstone-filled environment in “Journey to Hell” that isn’t exactly welcoming. (VGC-created works)

Shane’s life before his tragic surfing accident is seen in a few brief moments. A well-known equity firm recently advanced him to the position of managing partner. Shane appears to the outside world to be a model of success. Besides his beautiful and loving wife, he also possesses an enormous Hollywood Hills mansion, a fleet of ten cars, and an extensive social circle.

While Shane is celebrating his promotion, his coworker Hannah approaches him because she senses he is down. “I’ve worked hard all my life for this moment, yet I’m not pleased,” he responds when she inquires why he appears depressed. Despite his promotion, Shane says he’s still looking for something more, but he’s not sure what it is. Hannah suggests offering a portion of their additional income to the Lord, but Joseph declines. He doesn’t have time to think about the little things (although he does have time to hang out with his buddies).

Minister Bill (Jeffrey Grinel, who looks like a real preacher) likes to talk about hell when Hannah convinces Shane to go to church. Pastor Bill asserts that the majority of Christians, if not all, do not believe in the existence of eternal punishment in hell. As he sees it, this is because they haven’t put their faith in Jesus Christ. Because they want to be in charge instead of allowing Jesus to lead them, they have another problem: Shane is either making fun of the pastor’s sermons or rolling his eyes a lot in these services.


The movie travels around in time to illustrate Shane’s excellent existence and his horrible struggles (nothing bloody or gory though) (nothing bloody or gory though).  Hannah tries to convince Shane that he can achieve the “more” he wants by keeping the Lord’s precepts and demonstrating the fruits of the soul, including patience, gentleness, and self-control. The more money Shane makes, the more he believes he has been blessed by God and is performing “divine acts.” “Most Christians don’t even know about it,” admits Hannah a few minutes later. He rebuffs her fully and walks away from her. Suppose Shane can adjust his spiritual beliefs and re-enter the fray.

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