Know how an Indian media technology company is changing the way you converse on social media

Everywhere you look, people are engrossed in their smartphones. Technology has become a huge part of our lives, and it would be unwise to deny this new reality. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Zoom, we now rely heavily on these technology-driven social media platforms to meet our social, personal, and professional needs.

One may wonder, what value would one more new app add to the mix?

Let us address that for you, Loktantra Mediatech an online communication start-up recently introduced Khul Ke, a social networking app that allows its users a 360-degree approach to voicing their varied view-points and ideas.

Want to know more?

Keep reading to understand how Khul Ke is changing the way you converse on social media…

Features & Benefits of Conversations on Khul Ke –

  • Conversations on Khul Ke are impactful

All you need to do is log on to the app and choose how and with whom you wish to communicate. Are you looking for an invigorating online discussion on NFTs? Or looking for an online lecture series on the Industrial Revolution? Whatever your topic of interest is, you can simply head onto the RoundTable feature of the Khul Ke app and become a part of a discussion forum of your choice. You can even engage with the panellists and other members of the forum to continue the conversation and form further perspectives.

  • Versatile platform

You can use the Yapp messenger built within the Khul Ke app to converse privately with another user. Or, you can put up an audio or visual post about what you think of Russia’s politics for your Khul Ke network to see. You can also hold a seminar, workshop, and even your company’s AGM using the RoundTable feature. Of course, you have the choice to keep the RoundTable discussion private or open for all. The RoundTable bring you an integrated platform where you can engage in a diverse range of social networking activities and build a bigger community.

  • Integrates multiple formats of communication

We all have that one go-to messaging app that we cannot live without. We also have that one particular app that we log onto when we want some video entertainment. What if we told you that Khul Ke enables it all in one place? With Khul Ke, you can post audio, video and text content while also consuming the content in these ways. There is no restriction on a how user wishes to share their thoughts. He/she can choose to type a message and communicate with other members during a RoundTable discussion or start a conversation of their own and stream it in either an audio or video format.

  • Removing the superficial barrier between influencer and audience

So far, influencers have been using social media to engage with their audience. However, this engagement is fairly minimal and operates at the surface level. With Khul Ke, it becomes a wider and deeper conversation. Here, the influencers can hold a RoundTable discussion and their audience can interact with each other beyond just likes. This allows the influencer to also gain some useful feedback and the audience to learn from each other.

Khul Ke is a promising new social media app that will not only keep conversations alive but also make them effortless.

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