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Our knees are crucial for our mobility. It’s time for you to adopt knee support if you suffer from chronic knee pain; Knee support plays a vital role in reducing knee pain and strengthening knee bones and muscles. You may get rid of your year-old knee problems using knee support. The following is a guide to various kinds of knee support available for you to choose from.

Knee support for different levels of knee pain:

If you suffer from knee pain very often or want to save yourself from any further injury, opt for knee support. Knee support efficiently reduces knee pain arising due to osteoarthritis. You get quick relief from pain and inflammation in the knee with the help of knee support. However, choosing the right kind of knee support is of utmost importance. You have to select your knee support depending on the type of knee pain you have.

Three distinct levels of knee pain can be addressed with different knee support. Some provide mild support and are very flexible.  They are known as knee sleeves. Others provide moderate knee support without being the most flexible. They are wrap-around knee support. Hinged knee support is truly needed when you have a severe knee injury or recovering from surgery. These braces provide the least range of motion that saves you from any further injury.

Choose your knee support:

There are five different types of knee support available in the market today. They are:

  • Knee sleeves:

You can easily slip a knee sleeve over your knee. Knee sleeves come in various sizes to provide adequate knee compression to control inflammation and pain. They are most effective in reducing mild knee pain and treating arthritis. Knee sleeves are hugely preferred because they are comfortable to wear under any clothing.

  • Dual-Wrap braces:

Wrap-around braces work well for mild to moderate knee pain. They are mostly worn by athletes while training. Dual-wrap braces are easy to wrap around the knee and hence are very easy to put on. They provide more support than knee sleeves while being very light in weight.

  • Hinged knee braces:

These are worn by people post-surgery and athletes for a greater level of protection against knee injury. Hinged braces have several hinges that keep the knee aligned properly while bending. Hinged braces are very effective in curing as well as avoiding any further knee injury.

  • Patella braces:

Nowadays, braces with a hole around the kneecap are very common. This kind of brace is called an open patella, which means a brace with a central hole. Likewise, a knee brace with no hole in it is known as a closed patella. Open patella braces provide extra area around the knee cap that helps in proper movement of the knee and leg. On the other hand, closed patella braces offer extra compression around the knee cap that provides additional support to the knee.

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