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Basics Of Stock.

Shares are the part of a company sold & purchased in the share market. When a person owns a stock of a company that individual is called a shareholder and the shareholder is eligible to claim part of the company’s assets and earnings.

The Share Market consists of share exchanges where investors can buy and sell individual shares of a company. In India, National Stock Exchange(NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are the most popular trading platforms.

In the past, shares were represented on a piece of paper as a certificate. Buying or selling the stocks was a long process, they needed to physically visit the office of a broker and complete the transaction, where they would receive their actual share certificate. Today through NSE live and BSE live, investors can check and purchase or sell any shares from their homes.

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Factors That Affect Stock Prices.

There are several factors affecting stock prices. These factors include performance, government policies, riots, natural disasters, etc. Company future planning also plays a major role in maintaining and increasing stock prices. If the company is lacking in terms of competition, the management or other factors may go into loss and the price of a stock will fall.

Financial Ratios

There are two most examined financial ratios used to evaluate stocks that are,  Revenue growth, Earning growth.

Revenue growth ratios tell analysts about the sales & performance of the Company’s product or service. Basically, elaborate the demand in the market for the company’s product or service.

Earning growth ratios reveal about the company management and resources to produce profits. Both are high-level ratios that indicate whether the investor should buy shares or not. There are other tools used for stock analysts and tools to help investors and brokers for equity trading. For e.g NSE live is used to check the live market prices of different companies.

What Is NSE ?

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited was the first stock exchange in India, which provided modern NSE live trading for investors and brokers. The NSE has been a pioneer in the Indian financial market. The exchange supports more than three thousand very small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) terminals, Making the NSE the largest private wide-area network in the country. NSE live shows stock prices in frequent order to avoid any confusion regarding price in the market.

Benefits Of The Share Market.

Share Market investors are the ones who take direct advantage of a booming economy and the value of the investment grows with the corporate earnings, as a result of which the average of an individual earning will also increase.

You can check the IIFL Securities website to get live Share Market updates of prices with a user-friendly graph about trending stocks. IIFL Securities provides updated and major ratios of company shares. You can also open a Demat account and do trading with the help of IIFL securities.

Bottom Line.

The share market is not just a place now. But, There are many places and computers that makes up a network to facilitate the buying and selling of shares in public companies. If you are looking to invest and earn, profit you can check IIFL Securities and start trading in major companies.

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