Learn about 6 of Australia’s Best Home Safes to Buy

Home safes are one of the best options to keep your valuables safe and secure in the house. The home safes are the best in Australia, and they will help you save everything from cash to jewelry. In this short guide, we review six of the best options for every budget and provide some tips on things to consider before making your purchase. Each safe includes in this article is for a specific purpose. In addition to this, some of them are better for storing important documents such as passports, and birth certificates, while others have been designed especially for storing precious jewelry. Here is a list of the best home-safe Australia.

SentrySafe CHW20221 Fireproof Box:

This safe provides you with a portable security solution in an emergency. It has a tubular key lock, and it is water-resistant and fire-resistant home safe in Australia. You can keep your documents under is built-in straps of the safe. It also has a handle to carry, providing you with an easy transportation option. It is also good to keep your digital data safe from high temperatures.

Barska Mini Biometric Safe:

It is one of the most famous choices, especially among gun owners. The reason is that it can accommodate two handguns of different sizes at a time. Your finger plays a key role in opening the safe, as it takes 2.5 seconds to verify biometrics. There is an option for numerous programming users in this durable home safe. You can also mount this safe in an elevated position to protect it from children.

Stalwart Digital Safe:

It is a versatile security device that can keep your documents, valuables, and other important things safe and secure. You can also attach it to the wall or the floor of your home. It is very light in weight, and you can easily carry it if required. One of the best things about this safe is that it has a LED keypad with a password or a manual override option for unlocking it. Additionally, it has an alarm that sounds and locks automatically after numerous incorrect passcode attempts to delete opportunistic attackers.

First Alert 2087F Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe:

It is an ideal choice for those searching for a protective home safe that can secure their valuables from all types of emergencies. First Alert 2087F Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe is a waterproof and fire-resistant safe when bolted down. It can handle temperatures up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This home safe keeps your valuable dry during flooding and prevents water damage. It also has an internal shelf, a key rack and a door pocket. Rather than a keypad, it has a settable combination lock and two emergency keys to protect against loss or theft.

Honeywell Fireproof Safe:

It is one of the best and most reliable home safe Australia available when it comes to warranties. The company of this safe offer you 7 year limited warranty when you purchase this safe. It also has a lifetime warranty after-fire replacement. One of the greatest things about this safe comes with both the options keypad and combination lock. The keypad entry pad provides you with additional protection for your valuables. It is also waterproof and fire-resistant.

Adir Office Security Safe with Digital Lock:

This safe is one of the best examples of functional security. It has a digital keypad and two override keys to provide better protection. Moreover, it has two live door bolts and pry-resistant construction. There are four fasteners are also come with this safe, so you can easily mount it to the floor or on the wall of your home.

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