List of Three Best Inverters with Battery Prices to Look Out for in 2021

Inverters are one of the most in-demand products right now, due to fluctuations in electric current supply. Even in highly developed cities, no one can guarantee that the electricity flow remains constant. In events such as storms or rainfall, power cuts are very common in our country. As a result, the electric supply often gets disrupted. Also, due to faults in lines, power cuts are very common in some places. In all such places, having an inverter is very important.

An inverter can help in providing power backup during power cuts. However, people tend to invest in inverters that are affordable and provide proper service. Many people do not have an idea regarding which inverter they should buy or their prices. It is good to know an inverter with battery price along with its features before buying one.

Top Inverters with Battery Prices in 2021

Given below is a list of some best inverter with battery price and the features they have to offer.

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Inverter & ILTT18048N 150 Ah Tubular Battery

This model is one of the best inverters available out there. It comes with a 150 Ah battery capacity and requires 12 Volt, and is tall and tubular-shaped. This inverter also features a digital display, which comes with a 32-bit intelligent DSP processor, and is a sine wave type inverter. It can handle power cut situations very well, where the battery requires low maintenance and has high charge acceptance. This inverter with battery price of Rs. 21,899 comes with a warranty duration of 5 years for the battery, and 2 years for the inverter. It also provides MCB protection from the mainline.

2. Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter & RC15000 120 Ah Tubular Battery

This combo has a battery with capacity of 120 Ah and operates at 12 Volt, and is a tall tubular battery. The inverter produces a pure sine wave, and it is powered by a 32-bit DSP processor. It comes backed with an intelligent UPS system and is capable of providing heavy loads for prolonged periods.

Also, the tolerance for overcharge is brilliant, and the battery requires very low maintenance. It also comes with a safety alarm equipped, which can alert the users of any short circuit or overload. MCB protection is also present. This inverter with battery price of Rs. 15,099 has a warranty period of 3 years for the battery and 2 years for the inverter.

3. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Inverter And RC18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery

This Combo features a battery that has a capacity of 150 Ah and operates at 12 Volt. The battery type is tall tubular, and it can take loads for a long period. It is a pure sine wave type inverter and is equipped with a 32-bit intelligent USP processor. It also has a digital display and comes with MCB protection. Other protective features include measures for reverse polarity, short circuit, deep discharge, and overload. Here, the inverter with battery price of Rs. 17,999 also presents a 2 years warranty related to the inverter, and an extended 3 years warranty for the battery.

Given above are some of the best inverter with battery price and their workload capacity. All of these inverters are designed in such a manner so that they can take heavy-duty loads without much problem. Also, in places where the power cut frequency is very high, these inverters can provide backup comfortably. The charge acceptance of these inverters is pretty high, and they can provide backups for extended periods.

More importantly, all of these inverters with battery price are under the affordable range and provide extremely good backup services for their price. These inverter batteries also come with protective features such as MCB and alarm indicators to make sure that the users get notified of abnormal inverter activities and stay safe. Also, with the long warranty periods, users need not worry about the working of the inverters. In case of any problem within the warranty period, replacement or repair services will be available promptly.

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