Need a high-end Macbook repair Plano? Our Microsoft Certified Mac experts will keep your repairs up to date. Whether it’s Macbook screen removal, Macbook battery repair, Macbook SSD upgrade, Macbook HDD repair, Macbook not illuminated, Macbook liquid damage, we serve all kinds of Macbook Plans repairs. We also provide home support services, so call us today for details of problems with your MacBook and book us to see when it’s time to repair your MacBook immediately.


MACBOOK DISPLAY ISSUES: Display problems on your Mac® can also be caused by a variety of factors such as flexibility, bad LCD, graphics card output, bad RAM, corrupt OSX or malware, etc. Don’t worry, when we do a diagnostic test on your Mac®, we will make sure that we check all the factors that can make your Mac® display work properly and inform you of the available repair solutions.

MACBOOK NOT CHARGING: If your Mac® is not charging, there may be a problem with the charger or power outage. Make sure you check that out. If both are not a problem your Mac® problem may be from a battery, a charging port, or the memory board itself. Don’t worry our certified Mac® repair specialists can help you diagnose your Mac® problem and provide you with the best solution to solve your Mac® charging problems.

MACBOOK DATA RECOVERY: Lost some data later on from your MacBook and are looking to get a data recovery service from Plano? You can be sure that our certified data recovery experts can retrieve your information. You can believe that CertifiedGeek data recovery center has a history of high success and success rate in retrieving data from MacBook. CertifiedGeek is one of the leading data recovery service providers on MacBooks for all the great Plans. We recover data from MacBook hard disk drive, Solid State Drive, Flash Memory, and Logic board. Call our certified experts and we can help you find your MacBook details.

MACBOOK NOT OPENED: Mac® unlocks can be caused by a variety of factors such as bad battery, logic board problem, graphics card removal, flex problem, liquid damage, etc. To repair your Mac®, a diagnostic process is required where our certified Mac® specialists will perform multiple diagnostic procedures and isolate themselves where your Mac® problems come from, and provide you with the best solutions.

MACBOOK STUCK ON CERTAIN SCREEN: Like a dark blue screen in the windows, the Mac® also has a white death screen indicating that there is a hardware or software problem with your Mac®. Our certified Mac® experts have many years of experience working with Mac® and can detect what your Mac® problem has with a few diagnostic procedures and provide you with repair options.

MACBOOK BACKLIGHT NO DISPLAY REPAIR PLANO: Need to fix your MacBook backup problem near Plano? Does your MacBook only show a black screen or does your MacBook make noise while booting but nothing on display? Your MacBook rear light may be damaged. Back issues can be caused by damaged Mosfet, back drive issues, screen issues, or pin connection issues, logic board issues. Don’t worry, our certified experts will diagnose your MacBook for any problems that cause background failure and provide you with the best solution to repair your MacBook properly.

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