Looking To Sell Saas-Based Subscriptions: Here Is What You Need To Do


In the business world, recurring subscriptions are now becoming the new normal. And this is obviously for some good reasons. Without unmanageable contracts, over costs, and employee access, subscription services offer control to the end-user.

But there are some SaaS or software-as-a-service companies, which are struggling really badly with how to sell subscriptions. In order to help, here I will guide you with the key strategies of selling Saas-based subscriptions.

Here Is What You Need To Do To Sell Saas-Based Subscriptions

Here, in this article, I will guide you on how to sell Saas-based subscriptions. This will help you to master the sales process; for more details, you can go through How to sell on sell on AWS marketplace.

1. Have A Freemium Or Trial Offer

You may have heard about the free trial. This freemium pricing model is also similar to that; here, your clients or users will be able to experience the product before purchasing it. And those trial strategies also do not come with a real risk of straining resources.

If you can execute this correctly, you will get more customers who will stay with you long-term. You just need to offer a basic version of the product for hooking your customers. A good subscription management process is the key to any successful freemium model.

2. With A Seamless User Experience Have A High-Quality Product

Will your employees be able to figure out how to use a clunky interface? Maybe yes, but they will not invest the time to do that. And they also should not do that. In the subscription game, UX separates the losers and winners.

You need to be very clear that of the customer experience, every point should be efficient, outstanding, and seamless. In simple terms, businesses can not afford the time to learn and relearning processes and interfaces.

3. For Problem Solving Provide A Self-service Solution

At the time, when users encounter any issue, most of them will prefer to solve it themselves. This implies that, while your company is having email support, phone support, and live chat options, the business needs to perform quickly.

And businesses are unlikely to turn on those methods initially. In case a self-supporting option is not seeming very helpful, then you should take a moment and think about it from a different angle. Normally the customer service representatives help with the assistance that is already there in the user guide.

4. Align Your Product With A Purpose

The field of B2B subscription service is crowded. So, you need to focus on capitalizing on the differentiating features that you have. Every partnership into which a business enters always tells about the business and also behaves as a potent marketing tool.

When you align your product along with a purpose actually can assist you in creating goodwill. And this makes it easier for people and also their employers in choosing your products apart from going for your competitor’s products.

An Example

An excellent advantage of these strategies is the action of Salesforce’s Pledge 1% initiative. As per Marc Benioff, the CEO, the business of business plays a huge role in improving the state of the world.

And these are not only words; the Pledge 1% program offers enough encouragement to the entrepreneurs for pledging 1% of their product, profit, equity, and also employee time to their own community.


So, here are the things that you need to focus on. Keep in mind that nothing comes free, and it means you need to invest your effort, intelligence, and time on it. The scenario is the same for selling Saas-based subscriptions. So, try to follow this guide and start working. All the very best!

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