Mandatory Things Before Playing Online Poker on the IDN Poker Terbaru

Online poker games are a type of game that is increasingly developing and until now it has become a very popular game for many players because it is supported by technological developments so that this game can be played easily online whenever they are and wherever.

If you are someone who wants to try playing online poker games at IDN Poker Terbaru and IDN Sports, then there are several things that must be mastered first before actually playing this online poker game. Stay tuned for this article so that you know what mandatory things are meant, including the following:

Know and understand terms in online poker games of IDN Poker

There are several terms that you will come across when playing online poker, including:

  1. A. Fold – Is the term for closing cards or withdrawing when a poker game is being played. Thus the player will not follow the game round if he chooses to fold.
  2. B. Check – This is a term or technique for continuing to participate in a round of play without increasing the stake. Thus, when the bet starts to be increased by the opponent playing, it will automatically be given another choice when it is the turn of the card. The choice usually follows the bet given by the opponent.
  3. C. Call – a term that is often used when a player wants to follow the bet given by the opponent, then he can choose a call.
  4. D. Raise – When a player wants to increase the bet amount on the table, they can choose to raise. Raise that is done can be determined according to the wishes of the player.
  5. E. All-in – When a player chooses all-in then all his / her chips are put overall. However, it is adjusted again to the maximum number of chips on the poker game table.

Those are some terms that must be mastered if you want to play the game of poker. Whether it’s online poker games to offline poker games.

Understanding the Arrangement and Combination of Cards in the IDN Poker

The next thing that must be understood when you want to play the game of poker is to know and understand the arrangement and combination of cards in poker as follows:

  1. Highest Card (High-Hand)

In determining the winner of one round of poker games, of course, use several conditions. One of the conditions used to determine the winner of the game is the highest card (high-hand).

Examples of the use of this provision are as follows:

When you have a card combination (2 5 6 9 K) and your opponent has a card combination (2 5 7 10 Q), you can be sure that you are the winner of the poker game in that round. Because your highest card is (K), while your opponent’s highest card is only (Q).

  1. One Pair (1 pair of the same card)

Determining the winner in the next poker game often uses the one pair rule. In that sense, when one of the five cards that is owned has the same as the card on the table.

Victory can be obtained if indeed your opponent does not have the same pair of cards as well. Or your pair of cards is higher than that of your opponent.

But this one pair can also be with the same card that you already have before, without having to look at the card or pair the card in hand with the community card on the table.

3.Two Pair (2 pairs of the same card)

The conditions for selecting a winner for a poker game are actually similar to one pair. It’s just that here there are 2 pairs of the same card. Either it is the same card when it was first dealt or your starting card. There could also be the similarity of 2 pairs of community cards on the table with the card in your hand.

  1. Three Of A Kind (3 pairs of same cards)

This means there are 3 pairs of the same cards that you have. It could be the same card since the first time the cards were dealt, or there could be a pair of community cards on the table. However, the winner will be determined by the size of a three of a kind card.

For example: when you have a card (5 5 5 4), and your opponent has a card (2 2 2 6). Then you can be sure you are the winner of this poker game because 3 of the same cards to you are high cards.

  1. Straight (series or consecutive cards)

This is fairly easy to understand. Suppose you have a card (9 10 J Q K), then your opponent has a card (2 3 4 5 6). So in this round, you are the winner of the game because you have the highest card (K) while your opponent has the highest card (6).

  1. Flush (image of the same card)

This is a condition often used in poker games. In the sense that the cards owned by players have the same type of card. For example, the 5 cards are of a type (spades), regardless of what number is on the card. But the winner is the owner of the same card or the flush with the highest number.

  1. Full House

This case is the same 2 numbers then the next 3 numbers are the same. For example the card you have (4 4 Q Q Q). It can also be other types of numbers. It’s just that the winner is still seen from the highest card.

  1. Four Of A Kind (4 pairs of same cards)

This is actually the same as Three Of A Kind. It’s just that the difference is that there are 4 pairs of cards that are the same as the winner of the online poker game.

  1. Straight Flush (Series Card and same image)

This is 5 consecutive cards in terms of numbers then has the same type of card, for example, the same type of spades. Examples like this: (3 spades, 4 spades, 5 spades, 6 spades, 7 spades).

  1. Royal Flush

Royal flush is a straight flush which has a high value or starts from a high number.

Those are some terms that must be mastered when playing online poker games in IDN Poker Terbaru or IDN Sports. For those of you who want to try online poker games, it is mandatory to master some of the points stated above.

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