Merchant Accounts for Sports Gambling Websites

Avid sports fans are not only here to support their sports heroes but they may have been betting on it since. The habit of betting has turned various forms of sports into a billion-dollar industry.

Although illegal in some countries, people still cannot resist betting on their favorite teams. It can be a source of income to some or give the feeling of gratification for those who keep on looking for it again and again.

Regardless if it is big or small, nearly every game is being bet on. Now, if you are into sports gambling and want to reach a wider audience, you can put up a website and turn it into a profitable business.

But before you start all the integration needed for your sports gaming website, you need to have a reliable credit card payment processor who will make transactions smooth. However, with a myriad of options available in the market, deciding which provider meets your business needs is difficult.

What to Look for in Choosing Merchant Account Processor

Most high risk merchant processors may not refuse to do business with you due to the industry’s reputation, possible legal issues, and high chargeback rates.

But despite the challenges and some processors turning away from working with sports gambling businesses, there are still processors who are willing to assist in your high risk merchant account application.

1. Pricing

A good processor must be able to come up with a fitting solution for your unique business needs at a fair price if not the lowest fees in the market.

2. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway should be ready to use with your high risk merchant account and will work without having to integrate it separately.

3. Best Possible Deals

Since online gambling is restricted in many countries, a good high risk merchant account processor must provide you different banking solutions to ensure getting the best deal with acquiring banks. The processor must have a team of experts that will work closely with banking partners.

4. Supports Multiple Gambling Licenses

Having the required and appropriate gambling licenses is proof that your business is legit. Obtaining multiple gambling licenses issued by different gambling committees will also give players the peace of mind that payments and winnings are guaranteed.

Each license has its set of rules and regulations depending on the country or region.

5. Supports OCT Payouts

Go for a high risk merchant account processor that supports OCT payouts so winnings and payouts can be conveniently sent to the player’s debit or credit card.

6. Different Payment Options Supported

Always look for a high risk merchant account processor that supports alternative payment options to retain existing customers and boost audience base. For your business to grow, you must cater to the varying needs of your audience.

7. Bank Account for Sports Gambling

An ideal high risk merchant account processor should be resourceful in locating the best banking solution for your business requirements.

Whether you are a small or big player in the market, your processor should find the best bank suited for you and will assist in setting up a bank account for online sports gambling.

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