More collaboration plans for Evolution Gaming online casino software provider

Recently, online casino giant Evolution Gaming has been undergoing rapid expansion in an effort to promote its name on an international scale, this includes tackling the Asian online casino market as well. As some may know, Evolution Gaming is a supplier of live casino solutions, this is the same brand that has recently unveiled its Great 88 catalog of great online casino games — a catalog that was made as a joint collaborative effort with other major online casino software providers such as NetEnt and Big Time Gaming.  The initial 25 titles include collaborations with major brands, original titles, and sequels to popular Evolution games, according to the business. Additionally, they provide a variety of genres, including live casino games, a live game show, and slot machine titles.

Collaboration with Maxim88

In the past two years, the diversification and development of this online casino company has been noteworthy, and the expansion plan for Evolution Gaming does not stop here, reported the Evolution Group’s chief. The major news this week has been its collaboration with Asia’s largest online casino Singapore Maxim88. From what is stated in the interview, Maxim88 has been seen as the center of innovation and creativity in the Asian online casino scene, and has been considered by the Evolution Group to be the most sought after market leader in the region. Therefore, a collaboration deal has been struck between these two giants. Maxim88 has been proud to collaborate with a reputable brand such as Evolution Gaming, since the online casino has already been providing their members with high quality live table experience supplied by Evolution Gaming. 

Maxim88 online casino

The Maxim88 team has long considered the Evolution Gaming organization to be filled with team members possessing astounding creativity; and if an extensive partnership can be formed with this major entertainment company, the online casino would certainly skyrocket in popularity not only for the online casino community in Asia, but on an international platform as well.  One of the key reasons Evolution Gaming has attracted such a big number of players from Singapore is because they provide extremely appealing promotions and bonus offers. Promotions and bonuses are a significant factor that players consider when selecting whether to join an online casino. The reason for this is self-evident: promotions and incentives keep gamers occupied! They enable consumers to take greater risks and win significantly more money on various games without having to invest much of their own money. The main benefit of this agreement between these two online casinos is that Maxim88 players will now have access to an exclusive live casino table operated by Evolution Gaming, which features a greater payout and shorter queue time. Visit Maxim’s Promotion and bonuses website to claim your bonus now!

Iconic Lightning live table game series

The Lightning Series has some of the most iconic games released by Evolution Gaming, this includes Lightning Dice, Lightning Baccarat and Lightning Roulette. All the games here are truly fascinating. For example, the Lightning Roulette game is a standard European Roulette version with a bonus aspect that allows players to earn incredible rewards with each game. In this game, between one and five numbers will be hit by lightning at random. This game is set up in such a way that you will be able to see the croupier, the roulette wheel, and the gaming table on a screen behind the croupier. When you are needed to put a wager, the dealer will notify you and also remind you when the wagering time expires. After you place your wager, the dealer will roll the ball onto the wheel and the camera will pan to the spinning wheel’s activity, allowing you to check the ball’s final destination. The winning number is determined by the position of the ball when the wheel comes to a halt. The entire procedure is repeated, with participants putting new wagers. For players’ convenience, the winning number will be highlighted on the screen.

More In House produced games coming to Maxim88

The success of all Evolution Gaming games have been done through the merging of novel concepts across brands, this is truly a unique out of the box thinking in the industry that helped craft highly celebrated live casino games and online slot games. Evolution Gaming has shared their incredible roadmap in the collaborative efforts with Maxim88 to show off their new games. Maxim88 is a Singaporean-friendly online casino where you may play a range of games and place bets using your mobile device. It is a Singaporean-based online casino that swiftly built a solid presence and soon rose to become one of the region’s top-ranked online casinos. The fact is that Maxim88 online casino has evolved to become one of the most popular online casinos in Singapore in a relatively short period of time. 

Several fantastic deals are available as a result of this relationship

The Evolution Gaming’s Welcome Bonus is a good place to start for members that has just joined Maxim88, it is an offer designed to kickstart a new member’s gaming career at Maxim88 by allowing a bonus claim up to 90 MYR to play Evolution Gaming games.  On the other hand, the unlimited cashback offered by Evolution Gaming to Maxim88 fans is certainly the most enticing deal available to them exclusively. Along with paying up to 5 MYR for every 100 MYR lost in games, this deal may be redeemed an unlimited number of times, making it the most profitable promotion available. If you are a standard member or a VIP member, the percentage return on this campaign will vary according to your classification. Regular members may claim an unlimited amount of 3% of their cash lost in games, while VIP members on the Gold Tier and above may claim an unlimited amount of 5% of their funds lost in games. Only credits lost when playing live casino games provided by Maxim88 are included in the monetary loss computation; all other rules and limitations apply as well.

All players who have registered with Maxim88 are eligible for these bonuses. Please bear in mind that any bonus credit you receive may only be used to play Evolution Gaming games. Additional information on these mouth-watering new discounts that are available right now can be found on Maxim88’s promotional page.

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