Most frequently asked questions about colored hair extension

Colored hair extensions are the latest trend in hair styling. They come in many different shades and colors, making it easy for anyone to find a match! But with so many options available, how do you know which is best for you? In this blog post, we will go over everything about Colored hair extensions – from the basics of what they are and how they work to the pros and cons of different styles. Also, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about changing the color of your hair. So let’s get started with the basic questions first.

Can I use colored hair extensions?

Yes, you can color your hair extension, but if those are made with real human hair. You can’t change the color of synthetic hair extensions. You can dye your natural hair and also put in an extension that is dyed to match it! You can get professional advice from your stylist about this.

Can I color Remy hair extensions?

Yes, a professional stylist can color Remy hair extensions. I would recommend going to your local salon and having them do it for you! They have the tools necessary to create any type of colored look that you want.

If this is too expensive or time-consuming, there are some companies out there that sell pre-dyed extension bundles in different colors like pink, purple, blue, etc… But I really discourage these products because if the bundle doesn’t work with your natural texture or ends up being unflattering on you, then all hope is lost since, most likely, those won’t be returnable either.

Can I color Synthetic hair extensions?

Unfortunately, if you are wearing synthetic extension, then you can’t change the color of your hair or extension because most of the hair colors are made with the chemical suitable for human hair and can destroy your synthetic hair. However, synthetic hair extensions are too cheap and available in almost every color, so after some time, if you want to change the style and color of your extension, you can do it easily by purchasing the new one in a different shade.

Do extensions have to match your hair color?

It depends on your choice. But most people prefer to match the extension with their original hair color. So, in the same way, you can choose any dark or light shade that matches your hair. It’s important to pick the right color for your hair because, just like in the case of synthetic extension, if it doesn’t match, then all hope is lost, and most likely, those extensions won’t be returnable either (which means they will cost money).

Can I get colored hair extensions?

Of course! You can get them in almost every shade you want. Some of the most popular colors are Brown, Black, and blonde, but blue, red, or pink are also in trend. I also found a useful blog post on this topic at Vibrant Salon & Spa blog where you might find other useful informatoin.

There are two types of colored hair extensions: permanent ones which last up to six months and temporary ones that last only a few days. The latter cases usually have metallic pigments mixed with gel coloring, so when you wash your head after wearing this kind of extension, their color comes off on towels and pillowcases too. But if you are buying quality products even, it is human or synthetic definitely you will avoid such problems.

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