Mouse Purchase Guide

As one of the most important peripheral accessories, the mouse plays an obvious role in daily life. At present, the mouse in the market is divided into wired and wireless categories. Each of them has its corresponding advantages. 

When choosing a wired mouse, you don’t have to worry about endurance. You don’t have to consider problems such as delay in the selected mouse. However, it lacks simplicity and portability in daily life. This has caused it to be limited in its use space. Choosing a wireless mouse means that you will face the situation of replacing batteries. What should we pay attention to when purchasing? This paper gives you some reference suggestions. 

Office Mouse or Game Mouse? 

Many consumers need an office mouse when purchasing. They think the game mouse feels better, they choose to buy the game mouse. In the actual selection, the selection should be made according to the actual use. The biggest difference between the two mice lies in their function. Some high-end office mice support gesture operation, etc. These advantages will improve office efficiency. There are great differences in design concepts between the two. The game mouse pays attention to the stability and accuracy of operation. The office mouse is to ensure that users are not prone to fatigue during use. It can be used for a long time. This is like the difference between the Logitech g102 game mouse and the HONOR Bluetooth Mouse. They do not belong to same category of use at all. 

Different Connection Modes 

As mentioned above, there are two ways to connect the mouse: wired and wireless. But in fact, the difference between the two lies not only in the presence or absence of cables, but also in the fact that wired mice have higher signal fidelity and basically no delay. It is more suitable for games and other operations. Some products that have done very well in wireless can also do well in this regard. In daily use, the great advantage of wireless mouse lies in its easy portability. It can not only provide beautiful and comfortable office environment, but also make people more relaxed. 

Hand Feeling is Very Important 

In fact, hand feeling is a very difficult point to judge. Because everyone’s experience of the same product is different, and the hand feeling is also different. But what can be directly judged is the material of the mouse. The materials on the market are plastic materials. Under normal circumstances, metal appears in the design of mouse as decorative material. Consumers can choose a mouse design with frosted appearance if they have hand sweat and other conditions. 

When selecting a mouse, you should not only look at the above product features, but also pay attention to your own budget. There are still many mice with relatively high prices. 

Finally, I hope everyone can buy mouse products suitable for themselves.

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