Myths You May Believe About Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the fantastic benefits it offers. However, there are various myths that people believe, and thus they are afraid of trying it due to the wrong things they believe about the process.

Busting these myths is an effective way of encouraging more people to try this fantastic treatment process. Here are five myths that most people believe hence making them hesitant to try deep tissue massage in Cheshire for the first time.

1. The Harder the Pressure, the More Effective the Deep Tissue Massage

Although the massage therapist may apply deeper pressure to release muscle tension and straighten muscle knots, it is nothing you can’t handle. Before the physiotherapy in Singapore session begins, the therapist will ask you about your pressure tolerance level and ensure they apply as much pressure as you can handle.

The massage therapist cannot apply deep strokes immediately; they first apply light strokes to relax muscles. They will only apply deep pressure once your muscles are stretched and relaxed so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

2. Pregnant Women Should Not Get A Deep Tissue Massage

This is another myth that most people hold on to, yet it cannot be further from reality. Deep massage is perfectly safe for pregnant women because they experience a lot of aches and pains during the pregnancy.

Additionally, a deep tissue massage will help you have a smooth pregnancy and an easier time in the labor room.

3. Do Not Interrupt The Therapist During Deep Tissue Massage

A massage therapist is like any other health care provider; thus, unless you tell them how you feel, they cannot be of much use. Therefore do not hesitate to talk to the therapist as they work and tell them if you are comfortable or where it hurts the most. Ask questions and tell them what makes you feel better or worse; feedback is vital in this treatment plan. If you visit this site you can get lots of information

4. Deep Tissue Massage is Temporary

This is another myth that can make people disinterested in deep tissue massage and other types of physiotherapy. Deep tissue massage is not a temporary fix; it is a solution that is supposed to help you heal after injuries and prevent you from being prone to injuries.

Interestingly if you have an old injury that did not heal properly and keep experiencing pain, a deep tissue massage can help you immensely!

5. If It Doesn’t Hurt It isn’t Working

This is not true! Although you may feel sore after a deep tissue massage, this should not measure the effectiveness. We all have different bodies, and thus we have different levels of pain tolerance, so each person feels different after the physiotherapy session.

Parting Thoughts

A deep tissue massage is an excellent treatment method, and you may be missing out due to believing in myths. We hope that this article sheds light on various myths that were holding you back so now you can confidently book a deep tissue massage and get the help you deserve.

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