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NetBase Quid Social Media Audit Is Probably the Best Tool to Manage Your Social Media Presence and Let You Drive Profits

Social media audit is the process of keeping track of the social media posts from each account on a website or site of your choice. The audits are important when one wants to find and understand how people interact on different social media channels. In order to perform the audit, one needs to track accounts based on a few different parameters such as brand name, following, replying, etc. For instance, you can perform a social media audit to find out how many people follow Adidas on Twitter and how many people replied to Adidas on Twitter in the past one year.

Benefits of Social Media Audit

Social media audit provides you with a comprehensive view of consumer actions across the social graph and thus helps you to understand whether your company is growing your footprint, retaining your existing fans or acquiring new ones and know the progress of your social outreach. Social media audit helps you analyze, understand and analyze social network trends, understand audience behavior, and formulate a communications strategy that works. NetBase Quid is a next generation social listening tool that sits on your web server and uses a unique algorithm to track and report on the social behavior of your website.

Consumer Interactions

The NetBase Quid platform enables marketers to connect all the consumer touchpoints – social, mobile, search, display, and more – allowing them to truly understand and learn from the big picture. This is a more effective way to understand your audience – where they are, what they are talking about, and what they feel. So, if consumers love your brand, but a competitor offers a great deal or product, what is their motivation? Or, how do ad spend trends differ by channel? Can you see that someone in marketing is doing a better job on one channel versus another?

Access the Information

Social media audit is a type of data visualization tool that helps companies understand their social media exposure and understand what is working, what’s not, and where there’s room for improvement. Most companies will only do this once a year at best, and most of the time, they fail to grasp the real value from the audit. NetBase Quid is the antidote to the social media, and website, spending dilemma, effectively bringing down the cost of your social media spending by 97% and helping companies to identify their most profitable social media channels.

How Does NetBase Quid Work?

NetBase Quid is your end-to-end marketing and sales data and analytics solution and offers a complete solution to get deep into the consumer and market perspective of the customer. Its proprietary algorithms identify trends, points of interest, attitudes and behaviors and connect data and insights to marketing and sales strategy to make smarter decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

Importance of NetBase Quid

The NetBase Quid social media analytics engine measures the sentiment of sentiment in social media conversations for more than 10 million major brands across the world. Our users use the engine to analyze not only comments but also sentiments, influence, shares and social signals that influence the social conversation, and help analyze the social sentiment of the consumer brand in specific brands and segments.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing your social media presence helps you understand which channels are the most helpful for generating new leads, conversions, and product sales, and what you need to do to grow those sources of revenue. Let’s imagine you want to see what people who like, retweet, or visit your competitors are saying about your business. There’s no better way to find this information than to look on Twitter or Facebook. This is where NetBase Quid really shines, it’s an easy to use social network audience analytics platform.

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