Nitrile Gloves: One Way to Stay Safer During COVID-19

Many people suffer from anxiety these days. The corona virus has upended the lives of everyone. The hardest part, perhaps, is how elusive the enemy is. You can’t see the corona virus. You know it’s out there, but where, exactly? It’s impossible to know, and this is one reason why personal protective equipment is needed. You’ve got your mask, but what about your hands? Are those protected? Adam Karapetyan, CEO of Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, wants to make sure they are by providing you with nitrile gloves.

You may be more familiar with latex, but you should get familiar with nitrile. It was first used to make gloves nearly twenty years ago. It is a very strong chemical and comes from rubber trees. Nitrile gloves have become more popular than latex gloves and are increasingly being relied on to keep people working in the food industry and elsewhere safer.  These gloves might do the same for you, too.

Science is showing that this is a realistic possibility. The gloves’ effectiveness has been proven in multiple studies. One particular intriguing result showed that between vinyl, latex, and nitrile, nitrile rated at the top for safety: vinyl gloves failed 12-61% of the time while latex’s failure rate was 0-4% and nitrile’s was 1-3%.

These reasons and more have led to the increasing popularity of nitrile gloves. An added perk is that they are chemical resistant, protecting the wearer’s hands even when harsh chemicals are used. Adam adds, “Something I really like about nitrile is that it’s more comfortable than the materials used in other gloves. I have worn them myself, and nitrile’s softness and cleanliness are very noticeable. It is puncture-resistant, which explains why the gloves are used by mechanics. What I really like is that they are free of latex, so I don’t have to worry about an allergic reaction.”

Adam also likes the practicality of nitrile gloves. “They are as cheap as latex and are comfortable when worn for prolonged periods.” Other advantages publicized in the media include that their design means that the wearer is able to easily grasp objects. Lastly, and this matters to me because my hands always get hot when I wear gloves, nitrile does not trap heat against the skin, meaning that my hands don’t sweat.”

“Unsurprisingly, when the benefits of these gloves increased and the pandemic hit, the demand for them made their price go up and their availability go down,” Adam states. He saw a chance to fulfill a need, so he leveraged his connections and experience and started his company, Wholesale Nitrile Gloves, to fill the demand.

“Back in high school and college, I didn’t see myself running a company that sells gloves. But honestly, I am up for the adventure of it. Doing it means I can serve a lot of people and help them get gloves that might otherwise be hard to obtain. The demand has really taken off. With my multi-state distribution network, I help my customers get gloves.”

Since 2020, Adam has used his company to offer personal protective wear that is of a high quality and not cost prohibitive.

“In the end, it’s about helping people. There are no guarantees in life, of course, but my customers will be safer at their workplaces or in their homes because they are wearing nitrile gloves during this pandemic. Anything you can do to make yourself safer during these times is worth doing.”

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