On The Playstation 4 Here’s How To Play Like A Professional In Rocket League


Rocket League is one of the most popular games in the world right now. It’s a game where you drive around in a rocket-powered car, trying to hit a giant ball into a goal.

It’s a simple concept that has been made into something much bigger by developer Psyonix Studios and their community of players. The game has grown to become one of the most popular titles on PlayStation 4, and it’s now available as part of Sony’s PS Plus subscription service.

If you’ve ever wanted to play like a pro but didn’t know where to start, then here are some tips for Rocket League that will help you get better at the game.

1) Get Comfortable With Your Car

The first thing every player needs to do before they dive into online matches is get familiar with their vehicle. Each car has different stats that make them unique, so knowing which one suits your style will make all the difference in how well you perform during matches.

2) Pick Up Some Boosters Early On

Boosters are items that give players an advantage over their enemies during matches by boosting speed or making them harder to hit with bumpers (which can be used as weapons). These items can be purchased from shops located around arenas or earned .so that buy Rocket League credits can be ready to clear the field in the event that a shot is fired in your directio

Defensive Skills

There are two main defensive skills: positioning and anticipation. Positioning is how well you can stay close enough to your opponent so that they don’t have a clear shot on goal but far enough away so that they can’t easily move past you toward the ball or toward an open net. Anticipation is knowing exactly where an opponent will go before they even know themselves, which allows you to cut off their path before they even get there.  While buy Rocket League Items will not be required to be as rigid in Rocket League.


You should always be watching your opponent’s car as much as possible when playing Rocket League. If they are headed toward the ball and it looks like they could get there before you do, move into position now while they’re still moving away from it so that when they turn around (and try to cut off your path) they will already be behind you instead of between you and the ball!

Use Your Boosts Wisely

Boosts are one of the best tools in Rocket League, but you don’t want to waste them needlessly. You should only use your boosts when it’ll help you make a goal or prevent an easy save from the other team. If you’re not sure whether it’ll be effective, wait for another opportunity before using it again.

Aim For The Net

The best way to score goals in Rocket League is by hitting the ball into the net on purpose (as opposed to just hoping that it’ll go in on its own). You can do this by aiming directly at the net when shooting or passing, or by hitting boost pads that send your car flying towards it.

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