One Piece arcs and Fillers List: A Simple Guide to the Anime

In the event that you haven’t watched One Piece filler previously, there’s a high possibility you’ve at any rate thought about it. It’s the most elevated selling manga ever, which implies there should be something here that everyone appears to cherish, acceptable? However, at that point you find the greatest obstruction of section to the arrangement: 900+ scenes for the anime variation. 

In the event that perusing manga is a greater amount of your thing, you can generally peruse the source material. Also, that would skirt any anime fillers simultaneously! In any case, that can be very burning-through also: the manga has 970+ parts that have been gathered in 90+ volumes. It’s quicker than watching the anime, however you’ll in any case be investing a considerable amount of energy chipping endlessly. 

There are bounty who lean toward the anime so they can encounter the story through energized activity (and listen to the promotion openings). When you begin watching and are in the week by week cadence, at that point everything ought to be all acceptable! 

However, in case you’re a likely new fan or someone who enjoyed a reprieve and have returned feeling a little lost, this continuous arrangement may appear to be somewhat scary. I’m certain you need a little assistance to kick things off: Here is a helpful list of the One Piece arcs, with all the story and fillers appropriately recognized. 

Most fans regularly split the story into arcs (a large portion of which are named after islands or areas), the adventures that envelop them, and finally into equal parts of the arrangement (set when a two-year time skip), yet not every person isolates them thusly. 

TOEI has its own technique for isolating the arrangement into ‘seasons’, while Funimation assembles the arrangement into any longer and hence less seasons. We’ll utilize the most widely recognized organization, and incorporate a few portrayals to limit it down to where you choose to watch One Piece. 

East Blue Saga 

Its introduction adventure is the East Blue Saga, named after one of the significant seas on the planet. The East Blue Saga is separated into the accompanying arcs: 

o Romance Dawn Arc 

o Chapters 1-7 (Volume 1) 

o Episodes 1-3 

o Orange Town Arc 

o Chapters 8-21 (Volumes 1-3) 

o Episodes 4-8 

o Syrup Village Arc 

o Chapters 22-41 (Volumes 3-5) 

o Episodes 9-18 

o Baratie Arc 

o Chapters 42-68 (Volumes 5-8) 

o Episodes 19-30 

o Arlong Park Arc 

o Chapters 69-95 (Volumes 8-11) 

o Episodes 31-44 

o Loguetown Arc 

o Chapters 96-100 (Volumes 11-12) 

o Episodes 45, 48-53 

o Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles Special 

o Covers of Chapters 35-75 (Volumes 4-7) 

o Episodes 46-47 

o Warship Island Arc (Filler) 

o Episodes 54-61 

The adventure has to do with the explanation such countless privateers have headed out looking for the One Piece. It additionally presents Monkey D. Luffy and the beginning of him constructing his own group. He meets and enrolls four of his crewmates: including Zoro the fighter, Usopp the heavy armament specialist, Nami the pilot, and Sanji the cook. The Warship Island bend is the lone filler. 

Alabasta Saga 

Following this is the ‘Alabasta Saga’, named after the country that the Straw Hats are attempting to reach. The Alabasta Saga is partitioned into the accompanying arcs: 

o Reverse Mountain Arc 

o Chapters 101-105 (Volume 12) 

o Episodes 62-63 

o Whisky Peak Arc 

o Chapters 106-114 (Volumes 12-13) 

o Episodes 64-67 

o Diary of Koby-Meppo Special 

o Covers of Chapters 89-119 (Volumes 10-14) 

o Episodes 68-69 

o Little Garden Arc 

o Chapters 115-129 (Volumes 13-15) 

o Episodes 70-77 

o Drum Island Arc 

o Chapters 130-154 (Volumes 15-17) 

o Episodes 78-91 

o Alabasta Arc 

o Chapters 155-217 (Volumes 17-24) 

o Episodes 92 – 130 

o Post-Alabasta Arc (Filler) 

o Episodes 131-135 

In the Alabasta Saga the Straw Hat Pirates meet and promise to help the princess of Alabasta make it home, to turn away a heartbreaking arrangement by the evil Baroque Works. Tony Chopper joins the group as a specialist, while Nico Robin joins as a classicist. The solitary filler circular segment in this adventure is the Post-Alabasta Arc. 

Sky Island Saga 

‘Sky Island Saga’ is the name of the third one, alluding to the incredible gliding island known as Skypiea. The Sky Island Saga is isolated into the accompanying arcs: 

o Goat Island Arc (Filler) 

o Episodes 136-138 

o Ruluka Island Arc (Filler) 

o 139-143 

o Jaya Arc 

o Chapters 218-236 (Volumes 24-25) 

o Episodes 144-152 

o Skypiea Arc 

o Chapters 237-302 (Volumes 26-32) 

o Episodes 153-195 

o G-8 Arc (Filler) 

o Episodes 196-206 

The Sky Island Saga follows the team as they research reality behind the legend of the coasting island. When they figure out how to make it there, they find a plot that could obliterate it. Occasions somewhere else present two individuals from the World Government-subsidiary Shichibukai: Bartholomew Kuma and Donquixote Doflamingo. The Goat Island Arc, Ruluka Island Arc, and G-8 Arc are for the most part fillers in this adventure. 

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