Online Sabong: The Legality and the Nature of the Philippines most popular game

Sabong: The Legality and the Future of the Philippines most popular game

In recent, there has been uncertainty surrounding the legality of online Sabong games in the Philippines. Even though the game is popular and fans, bookmakers and punters love the game for one reason or the other. As a result of the circumstances surrounding the games, many are still not sure whether the game is legal to bet on in the Philippines. It is on this note we hope to give an elaborate explanation on the subject matter and at the same time look into what the future hold for the Philippines’s most popular game.

Is Online Sabong Legal?

No doubt, Sabong is the most popular game in the Philippines. It is generally believed to be the uncontested national sport. Sabong is also known as cockfighting is a type of sporting game that is under the regulation of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). However, not until recently, there have many unregulated underground sabong communities on the internet, which conduct betting activities for these unsanctioned events.

However, earlier this year, 2021, PAGCOR has decided to approve the online sabong otherwise referred to as e-sabong. In the statement released by one of the major stakeholders, it was revealed that there is a need to legalize and regulate online sabong, citing the cheats and scams as one of the key contributors. In his word “It is also imperative that we must protect online cockfighting aficionados that they are not cheated or robbed of their hard-earned money, thus the need to give them a license,” Jose Tria, senior vice president for Offshore and Online Gaming.

How many companies are allowed to operate online Sabong?

Following the license application of five companies to operate online saving, only two were authorized, with Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. of Pitmaster Live and Belvedere Corp being lucky ones.

According to Pagcor Chairman Andrea Domingo, he claimed that “There were five companies who applied, but only two, Lucky 8 and Belvedere, that have complied with the payment of a P75-million bond each.”

The others that wish to join but are not yet allowed are:

  • Encuentro
  • Magnus
  • Oriental Capital Venture

Speaking further, the PAGCOR Chairman Andrea Domingo cited that one of the reasons to authorize the e-sabong games is because “E-sabong is now a major source of funds with the closure of casinos amid the pandemic.” He further warned the public that PAGCOR “has been coordinating with the Philippine National Police apprehend online sabong sites that are yet to be issued with the corresponding permit.”

Online Sabong Sources

According to Evelyn Balyton, an online sports analyst, there are various ways in which sabong fans and punters can follow the sabong live games that are available to the Philippines. One of which is to visit saving online betting to check the latest online sabong games, betting tips, and odds. Place your bet now to stand a better chance of winning cash rewards.

Aside from the one mentioned above, other sites enable viewers to see sabong live for free, including sabong derby, and sabong international

Some of the popular sabong online sites for fans and bettors of the Philippine national sport are:

  • Party Sabong – Sabong International Cockfighting App
  • Pitmasters Live – Free Live Streaming Sabong (Pitmasters Sabong)
  • Sabong 101 – YouTube channel, Facebook Group
  • Sabong Boss – Online Sabong Betting Group
  • Sabong Idol – Online Sabong Betting Group
  • Sabong Master – Live Sabong Video, Facebook Group
  • Sabong Nation – Sabong TV Show (TV5)
  • Sabong Warriors – e-Sabong Betting Information
  • – Online Sabong Community, Sabong Forum
  • Future of Online Sabong

Best e-Sabong Betting Tips

Being a historical national sport, it is not surprising that many Filipinos and Filipinas have a well understanding of sabong online betting. When it comes to betting, no one is an island, except you are part of the bookmaker’s team.

As a result of the aforementioned, here are some of the few sabong betting tips and cues to consider when betting in this game, or especially when you are still a newbie in this betting niche.

Know which side your rooster is on.

Typically, a sabong chicken fight is conducted in a cockpit, otherwise known as sabong arena. The two sides of the cockpit are termed Meron and Wala. The Meron side has the betting favorite cock, while the Wala side has the underdog / underchicken cock.

Understand Sabong Odds.

The e-Sabong odds are typically fixed, which are then revealed to punters through hand gestures.

Don’t bet on the champion all the time.

Just like other fighting sports in humans such as boxing and mixed martial arts, sometimes even a champion can lose a fight. So don’t be surprised even if a somewhat bigger or champion cock lost a fight against the challenger or is underchicken.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

This is an old age rule or advice when it comes to betting or gambling generally. To avoid being broke or going bankrupt, only bet with what you can afford or are ready to lose with little or no financial constraints. This will help your emotional state during the e-sabong games. And win or lose, at the end of the, you would have no cause to regret.

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