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Congratulations on choosing to overcome your addiction. It’s a rough road you’ve been on, and while the road may still be rough for a little while yet. Don’t worry– you’re going the right way. There first step is always the hardest. Having conquered that, you can achieve your goals.

There are always questions to ask about getting into a program that is right for you. There are many quality rehab facilities in Colorado Springs and elsewhere, so you might be a little overwhelmed. Let’s take a look at what kind of things you need to look at in order to choose the right program to help you overcome your problems.

What kind of program do I need?

There are many types of programs available to help treat your addiction. Most insurance companies do cover substance abuse disorder rehabilitation. So the question comes down to what kind of program will best suit your circumstances and needs. Here we’ll take a look at the two major groups these programs will fall under.

Outpatient Programs

The term Outpatient refers to a patient who does not need to stay in the hospital or treatment center in order to complete their treatment. You may have heard it before to refer to surgeries and other types of treatments. This can also refer to other types of treatment, ranging from chemotherapy to addiction rehabilitation. This means that while you’re attending your treatment, you’re able to continue doing things that you normally do.

This means if you have a job, you can continue working. You’ll be able to have your family and friends around for support. You can stay within your city. Keep in mind, however, if your loved ones or friends are not supportive of your endeavors this can make it more difficult–and keep temptation close at hand.

Inpatient programs

Inpatient means that you are at a hospital or other facility for the duration of your treatment. This means that you leave the outside world behind just for a little while you focus on getting better. More people are familiar with this, with surgeries and other treatments sometimes requiring a stay at a hospital.

An inpatient program will mean that for a little bit, life goes on pause. When you stay at a facility, you are immersed in a world that’s focused on helping you kick your habits and giving you the tools you need to keep on the right track. There are some drawbacks. Inpatient programs are more expensive and can disconnect you from supportive friends and family. However, if you find it hard to get out of your current environment an inpatient program can help.

For more information on choosing the right rehab program for you, click here.

Other kinds of programs

There are other ways to help in overcoming addiction. These programs and groups can help your recovery process and help you build a support system of people you can turn to when things become tough. There are people out in the world who want to help you on the road to recovery.

12-step programs

When a person thinks of recovery from addiction, one group comes to mind immediately: Alcoholics Anonymous. This and groups like this are often run by churches to support people in the community who need help. They’re not always run by churches, however. These groups can connect you to people in a similar situation and to yours as well as people who are further along in their recovery journey.

There are programs for many kinds of addictions and people out there who have experienced them.

Group Therapy

There are more types of group therapy as well. These groups may be for more than addiction recovery. Sometimes groups about depression, anxiety, or even post traumatic stress disorder may be helpful for dealing with issues that may have come up in the past. This way, you can ensure that the things that may have made you start drinking get taken care of.

Individual Therapy

A one on one conversation with a person is sometimes all you need to get something off your chest. When your conversation partner is a professional trained to help with mental health, they can help your further work through what’s on your brain. Sometimes we don’t realize that an event in our past may have set us down the path of addiction.

Many times this sort of treatment is very personal, but can assist greatly in improving your outlook on your life, on recovery, and your relationships with those around you.

Need more? This website has more things to consider:

More Resources

Sometimes you may not have the means to pay for treatment, or might not know where to begin with getting insurance or even getting into rehab. There are a few ways you can get help. First is simple enough. You can ask a responsible family member for help in figuring out paperwork and other matters concerning your treatment.

Next, consulting with a social worker is often a good idea. Many hospitals keep them on staff, so if you find yourself in one, asking for help, they are the people who help coordinate things. They can often help you coordinate finding state funded insurance and finding a rehab facility that may have openings. When you ask, you will find that there is a lot of help out there. Remember–you won’t need this help forever.

You can also directly contact state agencies and rehab centers to find out more information from them. The point here is to know that sometimes a hand up is all you need to get started in changing your life.

Your path forward is just beginning. Despite the rough road ahead, it’s going to be smoother than the one you were on not too long ago. Remember that there are people out in the world who want to help you–loved ones, doctors, and even complete strangers. You can do this. You’ve got the determination deep down inside.

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