Pre-Board Exams 2021: Tips To Prepare In The Right Way Possible!

With the onset of December, every school starts gearing up for the conduction of pre-board exams. And, with this, the students start getting tensed and nervous because of several thoughts barging into their minds. Pre-board exams serve as yardsticks to measure the preparedness of the students for the upcoming board exams. As a result, if the students score well, it indicates that they are completely prepared for one of the big exams in their lives.

Contrarily, if they score less, it is a simple indication of their lack of preparedness. Often, the students start to freak out over their pre-board exam results and conclude that they won’t be able to come up with good marks in their ultimate boards. However, that concept is just absolutely not true. Since the pre-boards and the final board’s exams are well spaced out, candidates can get apt time, which if utilised properly, can make them efficiently prepare for the finals.

Pay due attention to the class hours and listen to what the educators teach online via LMS portals. And, see how quickly you start retaining facts later at home!

This blog article will share certain important tips and tricks that would help the students in preparing for their upcoming board exams. Before we go into sharing the tips, let’s see what is the vision or aim behind conducting the pre-board exams.

Aim Of Pre-Boards Exams

Just like mock tests are conducted before any crucial competitive exam, pre-board exams are held before the final board’s exams to help the students assess their weak areas. As a result, the students get the chance to work on their weaknesses and emerge more confident. It is all about testing the preparedness of the students and helping them point out the areas in which they are deficient.

Tips To Prepare For Pre-Board Exams

Tip #1: Practise All You Can!

Practising is the key to bag good marks. After all, don’t we all know that practice makes a man perfect? Solve as many sample papers as you can and ensure you are taking them as seriously as you would have given the exam in the exam hall. Once you are done with solving the sample paper within the stipulated time, make sure you spare a considerable period reviewing and checking the answers you have written. In this way, you will know what mistakes you have made and become cautious enough to not repeat those further.

Tip #2: Prioritise The Lesson Sections

If the syllabus is humongous, it is usual that you cannot cover the entire thing before your pre-boards. Plus point if you can! Anyway, to cope with the vast syllabus is prioritising the topics. Skim the syllabus and pick up the important topics. For pre-boards, you can still take the risk of studying only the core topics. However, once the pre-boards get over, make sure that you cover all the left-out portions. After all, you won’t want to gamble with the possibilities in the final board exams.

Tip #3: Revise Things In A Fresh Mind

As much as covering the new topics is essential, taking out time to revise the already learnt topics is no less important. And, what better time can be to revise the old topics than in the morning? If you are an early bird, you can spare a few hours to revise the previously learned topics. At such times, your mind stays fresh and you can quickly recall the things you learnt the other day. If you are a night owl, devote the first half of the day to revision. To progress ahead in your syllabus, this is the key. Strike the right balance between revising the old parts and learning the new topics. And, see the result!

Tip #4: Don’t Miss Out On Entertaining Yourself!

Studying and preparing for the exams is essential but in the midst of all these, don’t forget to entertain your exhausted self. To avoid burnout, make sure you are not always glued to the pages of your books. Exercise a bit, watch TV, even scroll social media for a designated time, or even go on a walk. Do anything but keep yourself motivated and entertained.

Final Words

Never get stressed by the fact that pre-board exams are approaching. Consider these as your preparation assessments and stay worry-free. Even if you make mistakes, it is absolutely fine. Just make it a point to not repeat the same errors in your ultimate test of boards exams. All the best! You have it. Go and rock your pre-boards.

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